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Mountain Buggy Duet Review by Leah

Mountain Buggy Duet
This buggy has been eagerly waited.  It seems to tick all the boxes, but I was skeptical how practical it would be in daily use.I was very lucky to be able to see it in the flesh at the Harrogate Nursery Trade Fair.

It is amazingly narrow at 63.5cms wide but with 2 fairly generous seat units which recline to an almost flat position.  Capable of taking 2 carrycots side by side or 2 carseats in a slightly staggered formation or any combo of those.
There is a full width sturdy bumper bar with cover, 2 decent individual hoods, 4 x air filled 10 inch wheels & tyres,and a full 5 point harness in each seat.  They arent the prettiest of seat units but are comfortably padded and functional and i would guess they will comfortably take a good sized 3 yr old.There is a decent sized shopping basket with pretty good access.Handle bar is adjustable for the taller/shorter parent.
Mountain buggy have also added the new Free Rider to their range- which is a buggy board/scooter attachment.  It comes in 5(i think) fun colours,wide non slip base and cool scooter attachment to use it as a seperate unit!!

Kids will love this.  Its sturdy and well made and very funky.  You can also add more than 1 to a double pushchair but make sure you leave yourself somewhere to walk! When you dont need to use it, the attachment stays on the pushchair and you can pop the board and handle in the shopping basket!   (EDIT by Jus – the Free Rider says its suitable for 15kgs but MB have confirmed its suitable for up to 20kgs. They are also working on an adaptor to fit the Phil & Teds pushchairs)

It Only comes in black at the moment.No storage apart from the shopping basket, but it was suggested to those involved it could benefit from a couple of mesh seat backstorage pockets and maybe a parent consle.From what i remember raincovers were purchased extra? It was mentioned 1 to throw over both seats, and there may also be 2 seperate cot raincovers?

This pushchair will suit almost any combo of children you have.  Ideal for twins by using either cots or carseats.  Move onto seat units as they get bigger

Research shows many twin parents and indeed parents of close in age siblings,  start off with a tandem travel system and move onto a side byside pushchair by the time their twins or children are 1 yr old .  With the Duet you can have 1 pushchair from start to finish!

I really wish this had been about when i had my 2 sets of twins!

It is equally brilliant for new baby and toddler combo- snuggly for a newborn in the cot and roomy and facing the world for your toddler.
Fold is pretty small for a side by side- and certainly much less than MB’s Duo.Very light and easy to manouver- certainly doesnt feel like you are pushing a double pram.
Overall i totally LOVED this!!  It seems to tick all the boxes you could possibly need to tick.  A few tweaks with storage and i may just have to buy one!

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