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iCandy Strawberry

The iCandy Strawberry is the latest addition to the iCandy range. It is extremely eye catching with its shiny aluminium chassis and gorgeous soft brushed fleece hood and apron fabrics in rich colours. The pomegrante red was stunning – much nicer than even the iCandy photographs show it. The earl grey was soft and warm. The seat unit was very spacious. I believe the Strawberry is the largest seat unit in the iCandy range. My tall 2 year 8 month old tester (in age 3-4 clothing) fitted in comfortably with head room to spare, even before we extended the hood upwards. She sat well in the deep seat and her feet looked very comfortable on the footrest.

There is a gorgeous carrycot to match with tailored fleece fabrics. It looked very snug and cosy with a carrying handle for easy transfer from pushchair into the home.

The iCandy Strawberry has a unique one handed “Step and Stand Fold”, which means that you can fold the Strawberry stroller with one hand, with the seat unit attached (in either direction), and the Strawberry folds towards you (rather than down to the floor) so that at the end of the fold the stroller is left freestanding. I have to say I tried this movement about six times before I finally half mastered it (my Strawberry ended up folded on the floor rather than freestanding but I was chuffed to have got that far!). You have to push in a button on the handle – I think my mistake was to try and use a finger to reach the button – instead it was easier to tuck my thumb underneath my hand to press the button – and then it was a simple squeeze and push to release the chassis and fold. It’s a knack that I am sure any user will quickly get used to. Not only that, but the pushchair remembers the position the seat unit was left in for when you open it again next. The seat unit reclines using both hands either side of the seat.

The basket can be raised to hold shopping, bags etc. or can be lowered if not required. The most inventive part of the Strawberry comes in the form of the “punnet”, which is a small but very useful storage space below the hard shelled foot rest. This is accessed by small zips and is a brilliant use of space to allow storage of a raincover, nappies, coats, muslins and other small items. Storage is always at a premium with a baby, and I for one never know where to put the raincover. Not only that, but the punnet space creates a beautiful curved base to the stylish Strawberry stroller.

What impressed everyone today was how incredibly light the Strawberry is to manoeuvre even with a heavy 2.5 year old in it. You really could not tell there was a child in the seat unit. It was simply brilliant to push. The handlebar was foam covered and a perfect size for my hands. The foot brake has been cleverly designed to look like a strawberry leaf. It was easy to flick on and off.

The Strawberry carrycot is suitable from birth and then the seat unit is suitable from six months. The iCandy Strawberry is also compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix and Pebble car seats. The iCandy Strawberry will go on sale in autumn 2011. The price will be £450 for the seat and chassis and then a coloured ‘flavour pack’ can be added for each the seat unit and / or the carrycot at a price of £75 each. These consist of the seat liner and hood for the seat unit or the hood and apron for the carrycot. The Strawberry carrycot will be £95. A luxury foot muff will be £85.

The photographs were taken at Lullaby’s Baby Den in Scunthorpe with kind permission of the owner, Adele, and iCandy. Thanks go to Adele for having us, and to Paul from iCandy for demonstrating the Strawberry for Best Buggy.

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