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Micralite Superlite Review


very light,to lift and push

you can easily push one handed!

seat unit takes a 2.9yr old with head height to spare

reclinces enough for naps/younger babys (6months +)

nice big back wheels take on any terrain,and pop off easily for a smaller fold

adjustable handle height

reasonable basket size

amazing easy fold

feels very sturdy and well built,yet nippy and light!

really funky design


not rear facing

only two seat postions

footrest is positioned slightly under the seat unit so the child has to bend their legs backwards to use it (although my daughter hasnt complained) and its low so younger childrens/babys legs dangle.

hood is quite small

basket is a pain to access



i took this buggy camping with us,it dealt with a very rough rubbly uphill path and a flower meadow thick with grass,very well,both children (aged 2,9 yrs and 8 months) slept brilliantly in it,so it must be comfy!its light and easy to push,and the front swivel wheels can be locked for ‘all terrain’ use,or you can just ‘tip’ it slightly so you’re only using the back wheels.

i use it daily now and its great around town,for nipping in and out of shops,i also know i can take it to the park without worrying about it getting stuck it the mud!

it is just so easy to push,one handed is no problem at all,and thats great when you are juggling a buggy a toddler,bags etc!

i wasnt sure about the mesh seat at first but my daughter assures me its very comfortable, it cleans easily,and it doesnt matter if it gets wet!

the fold is very simple and easy,once you’ve done it a few times.

the basket is a good size but access is a pain,mainly because of a strap right down the middle of it.

the footmuff is excellent,lovely and thick,and covers my eldest up to her shoulders!it hooks over the back of the seat so it doesnt slip down,which is a feature i love.

the raincover is very welll fitted and easy to throw on,with elastic hoops that hook around the handlebars

over all this is a really well thought out ‘all rounder’ of a buggy, it looks great and performs brilliantly,for a really good price, i love it!


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