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TFK (Trends for Kids) Twinner Twist Duo Photoset

A large photoset of the Trends for Kids Twinner Twist which is designed to complement the other photosets on here and to show off specific features of this double pushchair.

To highlight very briefly from top to bottom:

There is a parent facing carrycot on the Twinner Twist Duo. The seat fabrics however, only outward face.

The carrycot has a clever mesh covered vent which buttons up and allows air to circulate through the carrycot, or to be folded back down to keep baby cosy. The footrest can be left up or down when the carrycot is in place, but it looks neater tucked up. The carrycot also has a flick out visor on the hood. The handle forms the front of the hood frame and is very sturdy. I like the design. The carrycot also folds flatter for storage or travel.

There is a peekaboo window in the hood which gives very good visibility (unlike some peekaboo windows!). The fabric can be rolled back and fastened.

A double and a single bumper bar come included with the Twinner Twist Duo package as standard. However the pushchair doesn’t fold with the bumper bar on, and I found them tricky to fit, especially the single one with a carrycot in situ (its probably easier to do it first!). I have to say that to use the bumper bar, you really need to be leaving the pushchair up say in a hallway. I haven’t fitted it since these photos were taken because its too faffy and my daughter can’t climb in and out with it on. But it is good to have the option, and also the option to just put the small bumper across one child.

The Twinner Twist Duo seats have 3 positions – upright, slight recline and lie flat. The seats are not absolutely flat, but it is what is considered suitable for a newborn and I certainly would have no hesitation in putting a newborn in the very thickly padded seat. You can clearly see the luxurious fabric with its aeration system to keep a child cool in summer and warm in winter. There are two harness settings – the lowest must be used with an under 6 month old. The recline system is by two zips – the first does a partial recline and the second releases more fabric to drop the seat to flat. The zips have very useful loops on which make it easier to pull the recline zips back up, especially the centre ones! When the seat is upright, these fabric flaps are held together by velcro strips by the child’s head.

The hoods are removeable and fit into sockets on the chassis. The footrests have three positions – lower, middle and upper. But they also have a support underneath which allows them to be horizontal to the pushchair to offer support for a sleeping child. The wheels lock or swivel. You simply turn the button to number 1 or number 2 and the pushchair will lock or unlock the wheels as you walk on. The red button on the top releases the front wheels easily. They are simple to push back into place again.

There is lots of storage on the Twinner Twist Duo. There is the large basket, plus side pouches, back pockets and also zipped compartments on the side of the carrycot.

The carrycot is held in place using bars – there are single and double bars depending on if you have two or a single carrycot in place. The fabric unpoppers very simply to put the carrycot or car seat adaptor on, and it only takes a minute or so to refit.

The Twinner Twist Duo boasts an “MBrake” which is a type of disc brake on the rear wheels. This is controlled by a handbrake on the handlebar. The Twinner Twist Duo can be used for jogging or with a Mama Board – which is a skateboard attachment designed for mums to have fun skating behind their offspring! It looks great fun! But the handbrake enables this to be possible. One feature we are not so keen on is that the parking brake is the red clip on the handbrake and it takes two hands to hold the brake in and then put the clip in place.

The Twinner Twist Duo has passed some rigorous safety testing, not just in the UK but also in its native Germany. TFK are proud of this and the standards are displayed on the chassis.

Finally there are some photos of the fold from different angles. I did put the Twinner Twist Duo in my boot. I have to say I was a little disappointed because I thought the fold would be neater because it is a trifold (as opposed to a pushchair that folds in half), but I struggled to get it in my car boot. I had to remove the front wheels to get it in. In an ideal world if I could have popped off one side wheel then The Twinner Twist Duo would have fitted in better, but the back wheels have the disc brakes attached and I did not want to take them off and have to readjust them! (Excuse the messy car!)

PLEASE NOTE: The UK Twinner Twist Duo’s will have black wheels like the photographs at the top of the statistics page, not the metal ones on this pushchair.

With many thanks to Mojo Distribution for their help to enable us to do this review.

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