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Mountain Buggy +One – Load carrying!

The Mountain Buggy +One is not only for carrying children, but it has also been marketed for carrying goods and loads.

We regularly use the +One to grocery shop with. Our son sits in the front seat with our daughter in the rear. Her scooter is hung on a hook at the rear. We have hamster bags on each side of the +One. At the supermarket we do our shopping and at the check out, our daughter jumps out and helps me fill up the rear compartment, the hamster bags and the basket with our weekly shopping. She then scoots home. We once caused a real stir at the supermarket checkout because no one believed there was a child hidden (fast asleep) in the front!

For us the Mountain Buggy +One is absolutely brilliant. It fulfils our need for a pushchair for two children; or for one child; but also like on trips like our weekly shop, it allows our daughter to be ‘confined’ whilst I shop, but then to scoot home whilst I push her brother and the shopping home. The Mountain Buggy +One is proving a good stepping stone for her to transition between being in a pushchair and walking/scooting. On other outings, I feel happier taking the +One knowing the second seat is there, just in case we need it.

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