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Petite Star Zia Evolve with Child

These are photos of our 26 month old in the Petite Star Zia Evolve. He is 83.5cms tall which is on the small side for his age. He seemed very comfortable during our test period with the Petite Star Zia Evolve. He was happy in the seat and he looked comfortable. We LOVE the lift up calf rest feature. That is really great for smaller children and babies.

However, as the photos show, despite being small his feet could reach the footrest (a first for him!) and his head was at the top of the Zia Evolve seat when he was reclined. When he was sat upright there was plenty of room for his head.
To be fair, as he grows, his feet would have sat nicely on the footrest, and as he reaches 3, he should no longer need a nap. So the Zia Evolve would have lasted us quite easily until he is 3 years old.

The Petite Star Zia Evolve is a great option for anyone wanting a light weight or small folding pushchair, for home or maybe for travelling, that will last from birth to three.



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