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Easywalker June on the Train by Lou

Today the Easywalker June came with us on a train ride to the nearest ‘big town’. I’m always nervous about taking pushchairs on trains alone. I am always sure that the pushchair will take up too much space, and that I won’t be able to get in and off easily at the stations without help.
Well, the Easywalker June has kicked that worry out the window!

On arrival at the station, I wondered about taking my son out of the June and lifting it on folded. However I didn’t have time for that as the train arrived early and I had to attempt to lift the June’s front wheels onto the train, whilst balancing its back wheels on the platform. I lined it up carefully and lifted it up and onto the train.
I was VERY shocked at how easy this was to do!

Once on the train, we were able to walk down the aisles with the June. In order to find a space to park up, we had to negotiate 2 carriages before we found a vacant space and I was again shocked at how easy this was,. The Easywalker June is so slimline, with no faffy ‘sticky-outy-bits’ so we didn’t bump into or run over anyone’s toes, which is saying something on a crowed train!
Once parked up, I lowered the June’s handle, and it slipped into a wheelchair space very nicely. I even reclined the seat and it could easily have sat in an even smaller space.
Getting off the train was just as simple as getting on it. Without any help I easily managed to balance the June’s front wheels on the platform, and then bumped the back wheels down to meet them.
In the shopping centre the June was a breeze to push around…well,really it didn’t need any pushing at all! Due to its small frame it was easy to push around shops in between tight displays and lots of people.
My son had fallen asleep by this time. I went to my hair appointment in a small salon, but again the June’s compactness was a major plus, as it fitted in next to my chair without any problem at all. There my son slept,reclined, with the hood and visor up, for the whole appointment. It really must be comfy in there!
On the way home after we had got off the train for the final time, the June had to make its way across ice and snow, and those chunky wheels and the solid frame were big bonuses! I saw plenty of mums and dads pushing their little ones buggies along the road to avoid the snow, or juddering madly across ice. The parents who weren’t struggling had larger, all terrain pushchairs – which,however good in this scenario, would have been useless at the hairdressers or on the train.

Today has really been a good day for the Easywalker June, showing off some its best attributes. It really was a joy to have with us today, and I can’t think of another pushchair that would have handled everything I threw at it.

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