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Betty Bramble Footmuffs

The main photos here are of two of the beautiful, luxury footmuffs from Betty Bramble. At the top is the blue ‘Sail Away’ footmuff from Betty Bramble on the Bugaboo Buffalo. At the bottom is the stunning ‘London’s Calling’ black footmuff which looks amazing on the Easywalker MINI stroller.

Betty Bramble make lovely thick footmuffs which are long, (but not too long,) and have enough depth to give room for shoes. There is a double zip for easy access to the child from either side.
The ‘Sail Away’ and ‘London’s Calling’ fabric inside, is covered with quality cord fabric on the outside with the ‘Betty Bramble’ logo in the bottom corner.

We love how the heat detecter machine at Eureka! shows no heat escaping from our Betty Bramble footmuff – thus our little one is being kept snuggly and warm underneath.

Betty Bramble have a good number of beautiful designs available to buy including the pretty pastel Charlotte and Matilda footmuff’s and the more brightly coloured Dinosaurs Galore and Woodland Wonder footmuffs.

Absolutely gorgeous footmuffs!
We love Betty Bramble footmuffs!

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