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Baby Jogger City Select Announcements from Harrogate Nursery Fair, by Jus

As you all will know I love my Baby Jogger City Select. It’s a pushchair that excites me to use. I love the seating options. I love being able to talk to my toddler whilst seeing my baby clearly parent facing at the front. I absolutely adore the huge shopping basket. I have to say I thought Baby Jogger wouldn’t have anything new to show us, but I was wrong!!!!

But this post is about the Baby Jogger City Select so I will stay on topic for now!

There are several announcements in Baby Jogger land.

First of all the ‘Diamond’ Baby Jogger City Selects are being discontinued. So if you have a single Baby Jogger City Select, and want a matching second seat, then now is definitely the time to buy it!! The Amethyst Baby Jogger City Select was a lovely shade of purple – deep and rich unlike the more pink City Mini purple. I really liked the tone but purple isn’t me ;)

And then Leah showed me the new Baby Jogger infant carrier car seats. I have to say they looked lovely. Very very comfy. They also attach directly onto the City Select without the need for car seat adaptors. There are two advantages to this. It costs less especially if you have twins and need two sets of adaptors. But also it means both car seats wont sit as high up which is an advantage for the parent who can struggle to see over the top of a maxi cosi car seat when its placed in the top position. Having just said all that I haven’t seen the two car seats side by side to compare whether my theories are correct, so don’t take my word for it – check it out yourselves!! However I do see one disadvantage (that I suspect Baby Jogger wouldn’t want me to point out) and that is that you are then tied into their brand. I assume (but again I don’t know) that the car seats also fit the other Baby Jogger Pushchairs – its something I will try and find out about. But the huge advantage of the Maxi Cosi car seats is that most of the major brands will have adaptors for a Maxi Cosi car seat. So if like myself, you start out with a single pushchair in one brand, you can later transfer to another pushchair, tandem, double etc. of another brand easily. My Maxi Cosi Cabriofix in the 2 last years has been on a couple of Quinny’s, a couple of Baby Joggers, a Bugaboo, and an iCandy Peach. Now I don’t expect everyone changes their pushchairs as often as I do, but I remember the relief at realising when I needed a tandem that the Maxi Cosi was the seat that went on every tandem I was considering at the time. Not only that, but the Maxi Cosi is one of the lightest infant carriers, and as anyone with a 9 month old will tell you, a light car seat is an advantage! I didn’t think to lift the new Baby Jogger infant carrier up, but it looks quite a big beastie in the photos – chunky! Which again is important to me as the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix was the ONLY car seat with a base which would fit in the back of the car. But anyway I am not here to review car seats. But its something to bear in mind.

Before I leave car seats, I should put in a note here to say that Recaro were displaying a prototype set of car seat adaptors to fix Recaro infant carriers onto the City Select chassis. Apparently they hope to release them in September with a RRP of £29.99. But Recaro keep putting the dates for release back.

We saw the new vertical stitching on the Baby Jogger City Selects. I forgot to ask about the mixed seats, but before we left, Dan had already mailed me to say that there shouldn’t be an issue with the UK seats and that the ones we had seen in the photos with horizontal stitching as I thought were prototypes.

I have added onto here photos of the new glider board – sorry I forgot to ask about the release date but I will find out for you. And also the changing bag that attaches onto the side of the Baby Jogger City Mini and City  Elite Pushchairs. I know Leah was very impressed by them. But they do look good.

One other thing to mention – and many apologies for not taking photos but I was hopelessly distracted by the NEW 4 wheeled Baby Jogger City Mini Single pushchair which is just fab - but Baby Jogger have brought out a line of lovely fleecey lined cosy toes. They are much nicer than the old ones and I believe the RRP is only around £40 which is about the same as a Buggy snuggle or even less. But don’t quote me on the price. I will try and check. I completely missed the City Select ones on my photos but they are very similar to the City Mini ones which I did photograph, but the CS ones are in the deep CS colours.

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  1. Bec Coates

    Great review, I have the city select for my twins and LOVE it. Just one question regarding the chassis, it looks shorter in the first pic with the adapters for the second seat appearing to be on an angle rather than verticle as in my 2010 version. Has the 2011 model changed?
    Also, you mentioned a foot muff, I am currently trying to find some for when my girls grow into the seat (as they are still in the bassinettes), do you mean they are making city select ones the same colour to seats? I’ve got the diamond so was hoping to get matching ones rather than the generic black fleece.

    • AllTheNines

      Hi bec, as far as im aware there was no change to the BJCS for this year but im sure Jus can confirm that.

      The footmuff has been redesigned so it is now softer, more shaped and is colour coordinated with the BJ fabrics. The diamond colour is discontinued now so wont have a matching footmuff. The colours are black, green, purple and red that im aware of.

      The pram bag comes in red and black or just black.

  2. Dan

    Hi Justine,

    Just wanted to say that this website is amazing, well done.

    Just thought i would add my 2pence worth to the above, firstly we have a very very good deal going on the city select in diamond, anyone wishing to order this colour should contact us for pricing. (shameless plug I know lol)

    Enough plugging now though, onto the facts:

    Baby jogger infant carriers will come in 2 models – the city car seat & the select carseat. The city will be compatible with the mini, elite, summit, and micro models, and the select will be suitable for the select only. The good thing about these is they do eliminate the need for adaptors, however availability will be very slow to begin with. We have ordered as many as possible but Heading into summer we should have plenty of maxi-cosi adaptors in June.

    Recaro will be producing their own adaptors which we think will be September, and yes I think will actually be next January, and they will allow the Young Profi Plus car seat to be used, which is two times gold mother & baby award winner for best infant carrier (2009 & 2010)

    Mixed seats on the city select will not happen on the amethyst or the onyx, as these a now only going to be available in 2011 fabrics. It won’t happen with the diamond because there are no 2011 fabrics, only colour it is possible with is the ruby, but Kooltrade say they won’t be sending out a single 2011 seat until the 2010 has been sold out, and I expect there to be a gap between the two also.

    Release date for the glider board is August, we have a large number on order, but this date could move.

    Foot muffs will be £40 for the select and £50 for the city range, we have ordered a lot of 4 wheel mini’s too.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Dan

    Just also to confirm that there are no further chassis updates between 2010 and 2011, although Baby
    jogger do make gradual improvements, they don’t wait until the next year to release them.

  4. Alexandra Chiorando

    Thanks for this great review! As you know, I bought my Babyjogger on your recommendation last year and it does not dissappoint! Ive just started using it as a double and it’s brill. I did buy the universal footmuff and it really doesnt fit this pram, so the info on the fleece cosy toes…im off to hunt some down! Thanks again! x

  5. Jeniffer

    I was wondering whether the second seat has undergone changes as I already have the buggy but need to get the second seat and I would prefer to get the new improved one. If you could please let me know the price too and maybe if you know what stores have them.

  6. Hi Jeniffer, the second seat has undergone some changes. If you look under the main City Select page on here, and under the green ‘reviews and information’ tab you will find information and side by side photographs of the old and new seats. The new seat is the purple one and the old one is red. The basic difference is that there is a board in the base of the seat unit and a little more padding which makes the stitching run vertically instead of horizontally. Personally I prefer the old seats because they lie flat when stacked eg in the car. I have both types of seats here and I really don’t notice any difference with the children. My daughter chooses by colour not seat type!
    As for stockists. City Selects are in very very short supply at present. You can try Lullaboo Baby or Winstanleys who are the top two Baby Jogger retailers. I know Dan at Lullaboo Baby usually has a good grasp on stock levels and he will know the price too. After that it would be a case of phoning round.

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