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Baby Jogger City Select Review by Leah

Just really to reiterate Justines great review on the Baby Jogger City Select.

The Baby Jogger City Select is a fantastic pushchair to be able to review with many uses to suit lots of needs.

From birth for twins with 2 car seats, 2 bassinets and on to 2 seat units and several combinations in between.

Baby and toddler and 2 toddlers combinations as well.

There are many options over which way your can have the seats facing on your Baby Jogger City Select.  Forwards, backwards, facing each other, carrycot on top, carrycot on bottom and of course the Baby Jogger City Select can also be used as a single pushchair with either the seat unit, the cot or the car seats.

New Baby Jogger own brand car seats are roomy and plush with lots of great features including a unique removable newborn support cushion.  They also clip straight onto the chassis with no need for adapters.

One of the great features of the Baby Jogger City Select is the generous seat units.  Many tandems will only accomodate children upto maybe 2 yrs where as the Baby Jogger City Select will take the larger child.  The seats are roomy and many have had children aged 3 and 4 in the seats without being squashed.

Each seat has a large coverall hood which eliminates the need to awkward sun canopies.  The handle is fully adjustable up and down which is great for those taller mums and dads.

The shopping basket is vast!  And there is great access to it with most of the combinations of seats.  There are zips on the back to drop the sides down to fit a large bag through.

It is heavy to lift up curbs once your child gets bigger and it can be hard to control on cambered surfaces so bear in mind your local pavements when purchasing the Baby Jogger City Select.  You will ease those effects by putting your smaller child over the front axle and the larger child at the back nearest the handle bar.

In summary, my review of the Baby Jogger City Select is, its a superb multi combination pushchair which is suitable for twins, a baby and a toddler or 2 toddlers.  It is also compatible with the Lascal Maxi board which makes it suitable for an additional child.

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