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Hauck Duett Review by Leah

On paper the Hauck Duett seemed like a very competitively priced alternative the Britax B Dual.

In reality it wasnt quite as good as I’d hoped.  But the price is fantastic for this style of pushchair.

The unique Hauck seating is interesting as the main seat converts from a full size carrycot to a sleek seat unit with the pull of a couple of straps!  Very innovative.

It has an aluminium frame, full 5 point harnesses in both seats, removable hand washable seat covers and hoods, swivel locking front wheels and removable front bar.

As a single you have a great shopping basket, a front and rear facing cot/seat.

But as a double, your options become somewhat limited.  There doesn’t appear to be a successful way of accommodating a newborn and a toddler?

If you out your newborn in the carrycot, there is very limited room for the 2nd seat unless it is reclined.  The 2nd seat isn’t suitable for a newborn but perhaps a 3/4m+ baby.  It would however work by using the car seat on the main seat and toddler in the back and once baby is a bit older you could move on to the seat units but even in this mode- the toddler has limited space in upright mode.

it would also work for twins from about 4+ months, however i would say this is more suited to an older baby and a toddler or 2 toddlers.

In summary- it looks good but in practicality i was a little disappointed.

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