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Out n About Nipper 360 2011 Review by Leah

Ok,  I had no idea this was coming but i can see this is going to be a great addition!

Due out in the UK in July2011

Still weighs an unbeatable 10kgs!

It has 30 new adjustments which are brilliant!!

Ill try and rememeber as many as i can……

New adjustable handle!!- at long last for all those parents over 5ft 4 :-)

Improved seating positions- yes they are much more upright than the previous model!!  I wouldnt say totally bolt upright but definately a fantastic improvement.

Easy adjust recline, spring loaded brake pedal, hinged removable bumper bar (included in the price) and better shopping baskets included too.

Quick release wheels with i think 12 inch wheels?

New padded seat supports and a whole host more.

Sadly its not as narrow as some of the competition as its 77cms wide (compared to 74/75cms) but that doesnt bother everyone.  It is still a fantastic pushchair :-)

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