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Out ‘n About Nipper 360 Review from Harrogate Nursery Fair, 2011, by Jus

This was my first view of an Out ’n About Nipper 360. First impressions were great – a small, neat, comfy looking pushchair. It does look fab. That was until Leah told me that the width is 77cms  which for a pushchair is relatively wide and TBH the width has to be a factor you should consider . I have a Baby Jogger City Mini and I can’t access some of my local shops and in others like the supermarket I am brushing the sides of displays and the tills. (EDIT I have since been told that because of the triangular footprint that the Nipper wiggles through doors easier than the BJCM but don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself!)  But I would suggest as a walking pushchair, I bet its great! It makes up for its width by being extremely light – just 10kgs!! I could pick it up with one hand easily.

I think the most obvious features for me were the seats. I had read and heard about the bucket seats but now I knew exactly what people meant. But inside the seat units were  gorgeous padded seat liners. I really longed to be 2 years old again and to snuggle into one of those seats! I bet it really is a comfy pushchair if you can get the bucket seats past your toddler. However the seat backs themselves are very upright. The pads did remove (they fix with velcro) and it will save you a few pounds not having to buy seat liners! I wish the Mountain Buggy Duet had something similar in as standard! The seats lie completely flat for a newborn and have a strap mechanism for reclining the seat to whatever position you required. I measured the seats inside the pads: the front seam width was 28cms and the back seam width was 29cms. Above the seat is the canopy hood – there is just one big hood rather than individual ones.

The Nipper 360 is a three wheeler with good sized chunky tyres. These and the brake have been improved for 2011. The handle now is height adjustable by folding it up or down.  The Nipper 360 on display at the Harrogate Nursery Fair was a prototype one and was tricky to fold. I am sure the proper finished Nippers will be fine!

However once folded it was easy to see some of the wonderful storage nets and pouches hidden all over the Nipper 360. The pockets on the side of the hoods are genius! There were plenty more elsewhere. The pram comes complete with double bumper bar.

All round it was a great looking pushchair and looks really comfy for its passengers.

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  1. Jenny


    I am considering getting the Out and about nipper 360 (new version coming July 2011) but am wondering about the size of the seats. I’m expecting a new baby in September and also have an older child who will be 4 years and 9 months then. Do you think he will be too big to fit the seats? He is average size for his age and weighs 18kg now. I’ve seen some reviews on youtube and it seems the seats in the baby jogger city mini double can easily fit a 5 year old, do you agree? Problem with that one, IMO, is the wheels. Where I live there are cobbled streets and I also need to use it on the beach and in the forest… About the nipper, any idea where in Kent I can see it? Can only find it online… I know there are other twin pushchairs more suitable for a 5-6 year old but I am looking for something in the £300-400 range.

    Thank you for your help!

  2. Jus

    Hi, I am afraid I can’t comment about the Nipper as I haven’t had the opportunity to put children into the seats, but the Nipper seems to have a good reputation and is well loved. I have a BJCM and also an Elite here and I have to say I much prefer the Elite – for the bigger wheels, the adjustable handle, the huge amount of storage, easier access to the basket, more padded seats etc. If you can afford the extra I would recommend it for your off roading. When you pop the wheels off (dead easy) it takes up the same amount of space as the BJCM. I have a set of comparison photos to upload at some point this week, but there are already a couple on here already which may be useful to you.

    • Jenny

      Hi there,

      Thank you for your reply. I’m afraid the Elite is too expensive for us, looks great though. Have read loads of reviews now and it seems like the nipper would be OK for an older child. Would love to actually see it for real but none of the big shops like Mothercare or Babies r us have it. Boots online offer a good price under £300 so might order from them. Will probably have to wait a little as I’d prefer the new 2011 version. Any idea what the price for the new one will be?

      Thanks for a great website! :)

  3. Jenny

    Hi again,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have been in touch with several internet shops that will be selling the new version of the nipper and one told me the price will be around £400. This isn’t far from the RRP for the older model but she explained that it has been pushed down due to the price war which is why you can find it for just under £300 now. She did say the seats have been improved to be more upright which is the main reason I want the new version, but, I’m not sure I want to pay £100 more just for that…I guess I have to do more research and see just how much of a problem parents think this is. Off to re-read your reviews on here ;) Would you say the improvements are worth an extra £100?

    Thank you!

  4. Jus

    To be honest, if upright seats are important then its probably worth £100 more to me to not have to swap pushchairs again later. I think the buckety seats are one reason people sell Nippers on when their children get older. For myself, the new adjustable handle would be a big advantage too.

    • Jenny

      Yes, I agree with you.

      I’m actually looking into getting a Phil and Teds E3 twin double buggy on ebay at the moment. Do you know anything about them? Hard to find info as most people seem to buy the tandem Phil and Teds rather than the side-by-side. It ticks all my boxes as it’s 73cm wide, have big wheels and adjustable seats. Phil and Teds also seems good for older kids. Only big downside from what I’ve read is that it is heavy and doesn’t fold very small. I have a big car and would put it in the garage so should be OK.

      I haven’t rules out getting a new Out and about nipper later this summer, but, considering the large age gap and limited time that I will be using a double I think it’s probably more reasonable to get it on ebay. Right now I am looking for second hand Babyjogger elite double as well.

      Any feedback on the side-by-side Phil and Teds E3 would be very welcome!

      • I am afraid I can’t help you with the Phil&Teds E3 but I do have a Baby Jogger Elite here and it’s great. It’s not much bigger than the Baby Jogget City Mini especially with the wheels popped off. The seats are really well padded. There is storage everywhere – absolutely superb for storage! Great hoods. Big wheels, good suspension etc. I love it.

  5. Jenny

    Hi again,Just wanted to update and tell you I took your advice ;) Sunday I got a Baby Jogger Elite double on Ebay for £250 (+13.60 for delivery). It’s in ‘as new’ condition, I am so pleased! I didn’t bid, just took the ‘Buy now’ option as soon as it popped up. Thanks for all the info on this site, it really helped me make my mind up.

  6. Thanks for letting me know. I hope you like the Elite when you get it. I love the storage on it! It sounds like you got a good price! Happy pushing!

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