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Phil & Teds Verve Tandem Review by Leah

When I saw the new Verve pushchair from Phil & Teds at the Harrogate Trade Show I was totally amazed!
It is extremely well designed to transport 2 children.
There is a roomy padded main seat with padded harness straps and a large hood.  And a 2nd padded doubles seat also with padded harness straps and a hood.
Fully adjustable soft grip handle bar and 7 different configurations!

As with most P&T’s, the Verve’s shopping basket isnt much use but you can add their Pannier bags for extra storage.
It weighs just 13.5kgs in doubles mode which is totally incredible and very light.  It is easy to steer and lift up and down curbs though I was only able to try this empty i can see how easy it would be fully loaded.
Phil & Teds advise the doubles seat is suitable from 6 months however i would honestly consider putting a 3 month old in there as it lays  pretty flat, and there is no awkward bar at the top which a child would bang their head on.  The whole unit reclines in 1.

Also you can use it in the traditional Phil & Ted’s way by having your newborn in the lay flat main seat with the doubles kit attached to the front.
A maxi cosi Pebble or Cabrio fix can be attached to the main seat with the use of additional adapters and you can use the doubles kit at the same time.

There is also the 2 toddlers option with the doubles kit on the back, plus you can have a peanut bassinet on in single mode or lie flat cocoon in the main seat.
For me the best part of this pushchair is the incredible small fold.  And amazingly the doubles kit folds within the pushchair!!!It is also free standing when folded.
It has 4 foam filled tyres for added stability, with suspension on the front 2.Each seat can take 20kgs weight, so thats a whole 44lbs on each seat!!Overall width 64cms.It is a very swish looking addition to the range.

It appears to address the issues of what to do with a baby who is too  small for the normal doubles seat but doesnt want to lay flat.  In fact the video P&T have on their site shows a small perhaps 3 month old in the doubles kit.
If you like the look of the Vibe you will LOVE the Verve.

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  1. Thanks so much for this info, is so useful as P&Ts have put virtually no PR out there on this pram so far…..disapointing!

    Think im 99% sold on this but just wondered…..The US site does say this is much smaller than the vibe… Is this correct? If so, do you know how wide the front seat is? And is the back seat the same size as on the vibe or smaller?? I have a very large 16mth old and im due (last week!) with no2 so need something that I know will last… Just wondered if you had the front seat width at all?

    Thanks again….just loving your site and all your hard work

    • AllTheNines

      Im gonna be totally honest and say i didnt manage to get the seat measurements on the P&T Verve.

      I would also say that i think the doubles seat is probably only fractionally bigger than the Vibe- perhaps Jus can shed her thoughts?

      The advantage of the Verve is that you could in theory, move your baby to the rear doubles seat from about 3 months as it lies quite flat, and put the older one in the main seat, so he would actually only be on the top seat for 3-4 months max while baby is lay flat.
      (i vaguely remember the P&T ppl said the doubles seat on the rear was only a few degrees off being from 3+m)

      I have 2 yr old twin boys and i honestly think they would both have fitted either seat at this age. But obviously thats not when using the doubles seat on the front.

      Im also pretty sure the hood slides up and down like lots of the P&T’s do to allow for more head room. Ill stand corrected if im wrong.

      The main seat is pretty generous. You would be able to get a 4 yr old in there i would think.

  2. Thank you so much for your reply. You guys are amazing!

    Really helpful…im completely sold and off to John Lewis now to see if I can get my pre-order in and Donkey order cancelled!

    Thanks Ladies, you need medals xxx

  3. elda

    je souhaitais savoir si le siège principal était aussi profond que sur la vibe. est-ce qu’on peut mettre un cushy ride de la vibe sur la verve ? car les coussins confort de la verve ont l’air moins confortables que les cushy !
    et juste par curiosité, préférez-vous la verve ou la vibe, au niveau maniabilité ?

    I wanted to know if the main seat was as profound as the vibe. is it possible to put a cushy ride the vibe on the verve? because of the verve comfort cushions have looked less comfortable than the cushy !
    and just out of curiosity, do you prefer the verve or the vibe, in maneuverability?

  4. Hello! Thank you for your message. I am not sure I really understand the first part of your question because the translation isn’t good. I haven’t had more than a quick push with the Verve but on first impressions I prefer the four wheels of the Verve for stability. Until I get to be able to try both pushchairs side by side its hard to be able to say which is more manoeuverable. We will have to wait a bit longer to be able to try. Sorry that I can’t help more.

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