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Red Kite Push Me Twin Sport Jogger Review by Leah

I have no actual experience of the Red Kite Push Me twin sport jogger but i saw it at the Harrogate Trade Fair as was very impressed by its offerings.
It is a side by side jogger with an impressive weight of just 14kgs! There is a single swivel lockable wheel at the front, and all 3 wheels are 12inch pnuematic tyres, and they are all quick release for a more compact fold.

The seats are multi position and are suitable from birth, with a 5 point harness on each seat.I did notice there is a slight recline on each seat meaning its not completely upright however i dont think it would be enough to bother most children. Large hard base shopping basket is nice and roomy with reasonable access.2 velcro peekaboo windows on the top of the single large hood for easy viewing.Also there are 2 small velcro pockets on the backs of the seats- just big enough for some money, phone keys etc.

It is freestanding when folded which is useful.  The fold isnt the smallest ive seen as it has a large footplate but it certainly isnt bad and the fold is very easy.Handle height is 104cms and the handle is a fixed height.
The incredibly competetive price includes large throw over raincover AND 2 luxury fleece lined footmuffs so you reallyare getting value for money!!

In summary the Red Kite Push Me Twin Sport Jogger is an excellent value light twin all terrain jogger with some nifty features.

Open Dimensions-

Width 84cms

Height 104cms

Depth 100cms

Folded dimensions-

Width 84cms

Height 37cms

Depth 93cms

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