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Baby Jogger City Mini Double 2011 Modifications

There are several improvments to the already superb Baby Jogger City Mini Double.

These photos show the 2011 ‘sit up strap’ modification to the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. It is simply a piece of webbing with velcro on which loops tightly around the frame to pull the seat more upright. In the photo of the two children, the girl at the back has the sit up strap on, whereas the baby doesn’t. It makes a lot of difference.

The City Mini Double seats also both have a PE Board in the back of the seat to give additional support.

The hoods on the Baby Jogger City Mini Double now come as two separate units, instead of two independent hoods operating on one frame. This change is to allow the removal of one (or both) hoods to fix a new 2011 hard carrycot to one (or both) seat units.

I believe all these modifications also apply to the single Baby Jogger City Mini.

The other photo shows how a Bugaboo Cocoon fits well into the Baby Jogger City Mini seat. Although it isn’t parent facing, I preferred my baby to be strapped in using the 5 point harness of the pushchair. Other friends have used a Petit Zia or Graco soft cot (some with the belly bar to wedge it in place), as a parent facing option in their Baby Jogger City Mini Double’s

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