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Baby Jogger City Mini Double Review by Theresa

The Baby Jogger City Mini double is a popular choice of double for many reasons. It has good sized seat units, excellent sun coverage from Baby Joggers fabulous extending hoods and the patented Baby Jogger Easy fold system which makes it a breeze to fold by pulling on two straps in the seat units.

The Baby Jogger City Mini has 8″ solid wheels, the front wheels can be swivel or locked depending on your needs. There are individual locks on each front wheel of the Mini, all the wheels are quick release.

There is a a fixed position handlebar on the Mini and the latest 2011 version now has two separate hoods, this was updated to allow the use of carrycots in the Mini, it can now accommodate one or two Baby Jogger carrycots.

The Mini has peekaboo windows in the hoods, allowing you to keep an eye on your little ones.  These are secured by velcro (which is quite noisy when opened) so care should be taken to avoid waking an easily disturbed sleeping baby.

The BJCM seat units are a great size and would fit a child of five/six years old with ample room. The seat units are nicely padded with an easily adjustable 5 point harness and the new 2011 City Mini has backboards on the seat backs to make them firmer, there is also a velcro strap attached to the rear of each seat unit to pull the seat up more, to allow your child to sit more upright. The recline is a simple one handed drawstring recline, positionable at any angle from lay flat to upright. There are large mesh pockets on the rear of the seat units which are great for extra storage.

The shopping basket on the Mini is a good size but access is quite restricted due to the central bar at the rear of the basket. I find that it’s easier to place things in from the sides, the basket can hold a fair amount – providing you can squeeze it in that is!

The fold is a very simple pull on two handles in the seat units, it is a two handed job though and the pushchair is quite heavy to lift. The fold is a little bulky but if you were happy to remove the quick release wheels each time you could get it much flatter – although I’m not sure you’d want to do that after each use – but very useful if storage space is limited.

In summary I think the Baby Jogger City Mini double is a great pushchair and is the perfect Baby Jogger double for shopping centres and short walks.

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