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Baby Jogger City Mini Single Review from Harrogate Nursery Fair 2011 by Best Buggy


2011 Baby Jogger City Mini new colours and cosy toes! We loved the side changing bag pannier too. It was very roomy inside.

The Carrycots are due around 18th June 2011 and the RRP is £119.99. We measured the internal measurements of the carrycots and found them to be approx 28cms wide and approx 78cms long. They have a thin mattress – foam with no breathable membrane so therefore not suitable for overnight sleeping. The carrycots have a 2 fold hood on them, but then the hood of the City Mini Single comes down right over the foot end of the carrycot and partially over the carrycot hood to completely enclose the baby inside. You can only have the carrycot parent facing. You do require adaptors to plug into the City Mini frame but I believe these will be included. On the Double Baby Jogger City Mini you do need to remove the hood in order to attach the carrycot.

The brilliant new 4 wheel Baby Jogger City Mini is due in the UK at the end of July / beginning of August.

I have to say I love my Single City Mini but I have found it has tipped a few times when pushing it (I understand its because I push it one handed whilst holding my toddler’s hand with my other hand) so the addition of the fourth wheel should add the stability I need to push one handed. I welcome this 4 wheeled model because of this.

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