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Baby Jogger City Select 2010 Photos

Just a few comments about these Baby Jogger City Select photos:

Having tried out the different City Select seating positions, I much preferred the first two ie the baby at the front, parent facing where I could see them clearly, and the toddler at the back, so that we could chat to each other and I could hear everything she was saying.

The Baby Jogger City Select is amazing for its fold and thin, lightweight seats. I have the 2010 version with no boards in the seat bases, so that they lie flat enough to hang side by side on a hook over a door.

The photo of the car was when we went on holiday. Underneath are huge bags of clothes, baby kit etc (we had a wedding to go to) and the amazing Baby Jogger City Select was so thin and flat that it just slid on top. Admittedly we removed the wheels to make things even smaller. But there is the carrycot (flattened) and a second seat in there too plus the adaptors. What was really good, was when we stopped for lunch, we didn’t need to unpack the entire boot to remove the pushchair. We simply lifted it off the top. The weight of the City Select is really all in the chassis. It is simple enough to carry the chassis with one hand, and the two seat units in another.

The Baby Jogger City Select is one of a few pushchairs that will fit under the 20cm clearance of my convertible car roof, which means that in summer we can have the roof down and still have a quality tandem pushchair in the boot!


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