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Easywalker Duo

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  1. Jemma

    Hi Ladies,
    Brilliant website – very VERY helpful in trying to make a decision as to which side by side buggy to get. Just wondered if any of you had any opinions about the Mountain Buggy Duo vs the Easy Walker Sky Duo 2011? I am about to purchase either one (having ruled out the P&T Verve due to storage and the Nipper 360 duo as I think the quality of the EW and the MB is better) but I am stuck between the two and wondered if you have any thoughts? I have a 22 month old Daughter and am 9 months pregnant so will have a newborn so will be buying the carrycot attachment too.

    Any help would be brilliant!


    • Thank you for your comments about the website. It is lovely to hear it has been helpful. I have an Easywalker Sky Duo here at present and am amazed at how sturdy it is. The chassis is solid! I have to say looking at the statistics side by side I was surprised how alike the Duo and Easywalker are. I have not had a test drive of the Duo yet with children out and about in it, but it is very light to push without them in. The Easywalker is also light to push and lift compared with a Baby Jogger Elite but I cant directly compare the Duo and Easywalker. I think either the Duo or Easywalker would be fab choices. Let me just point out a few differences. The fold is the biggest one really. The Duo folds flat (there is a good photo on the Mountain Buggy Duet thread), whereas the Easywalker folds in half, so the Easywalker is chunky whereas the Duo is slim at one end. The Easywalker has two smaller (still good size) baskets with high sides and a zip down gusseted flap at the front, the Duo has one large more open basket. The Easywalker handlebar is foam, the Duo has a lovely soft ridged rubber one. The seats seem similar in size and recline. I would say neither sits bolt upright but my daughter who likes to be upright has sat happily in both the Duo and Easywalker seats. The width difference is probably worth noting. Whilst both in will go through a standard door frame, you do gain valuable cms on the Duo which I know make a difference in smaller shops. One feature which I was not keen on with the Easywalker is the seat recline. There are two sets of zips. Each releases fabric, so one zip releases a small recline, two gives you a lie flat. But for twins to lie flat when out and about requires stopping and undoing four sets of two zips and you have reach right underneath the seats to pull them fully down. The Duo is a much simpler toggle recline which means you can choose your recline position and do it quicker, but also silently! I think the visor feature on the Easywalker is great but I personally think it looks a little odd. What I didn’t like is that the visor fabric doesn’t stay tucked up when you pull the hood out, ie each time I pulled the hood open the visor automatically dropped down and I had to tuck it back up again. I also failed (even after phoning for help) to attach the car seat adaptors – it’s probably really simple when you are shown but I had no instructions and no time to look them up yesterday. Duo car seat attachments are similar. I did note in the photo of the Duo, the single seat doesn’t have the hood on when the car seat adaptor is used, but the Easywalker hood can stay on. It might be relevant with your eldest and summer approaching, but it’s a question to ask a MB retailer. The Easywalker has two huge pockets at the back of the seats for storage which I know I would find useful. It also has a peekaboo window. The Easywalker comes with a raincover, one is extra on the Duo. I have photos of the Easywalker to upload at some point this week. But all round I can’t say there is much in the two pushchairs. They both seem to be fantastic and great quality and I would be hard pushed to decide between the two. I hope this helps and good luck with your baby.

      • Jemma

        Hi Justine,

        Thank you so much for such a detailed answer to my question!! You really know your stuff when it comes to these things which is why I felt compelled to ask you ladies as otherwise who else would know?!!!
        I think it is going to come down to personal preference then by the looks of it as you confirmed pretty much my suspicions which is that they are very similar indeed. Have to say, not so sure I like the sound of the seat recliner on the Easy Walker, like yourself, I know the value of being able to recline a seat in ease and silence!!!
        Thank you again so much for your help, it really is appreciated. I shall make sure I pass on your site to anyone and everyone who needs a buggy!!


        • Thanks Jemma. TBH you timed your question perfectly as the lovely people at Lullaboo Baby loaned me the Easywalker yesterday to check out and photograph because they love the Easywalker, but I have a Mountain Buggy Duet on pre order so have been looking carefully at the Duo and other Mountain Buggy range. Happy shopping and do come back and leave us a review one day :)

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