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Out n About Nipper 360 Double Review by DiH

We bought our Nipper Double in  early 2009 when expecting my second child. I have used it since then and still use it a lot today if we have to walk longer distances.

I had an age gap of 17 months between my first and second child but as my eldest was delayed walking, we have used a double for longer than most people would.

I find the Nipper is okay, I have no love for it as I did for my single pushchair, it does a job. The newborn lying flat position was good, perhaps a little draughty for winter babies but as my son was a summer baby it was nice and cool for him. Initially my elder daughter found the seting position in the Nipper very comfortable and really enjoyed it however now both children are older they really don’t like the deep seats and not being able to look over the sides of the pushchair.

The reclining position is very much all or nothing, the adjustment is fiddly and difficult to change while the kids are in the seats, we tend to leave it in the one position now.

Folding is a nightmare, in the early days I used to have to fold it to bring it inside and it’s huge, it barely fits in the car (large estate BMW) and if we need to take a pushchair in the car with us we mostly use the single and carry the other child in a sling on my back.

I have found the rain-cover to be very good while it was intact but it broke within a few months and rips along the seams really easily, very poor quality. My main bugbear has been that we were plagued by punctures, continually, sometimes on the same day we had had the tyres back from repair. My best advice would be to either fill the tyres with Slyme (available from cycle shops) to prevent punctures or buy the slyme inner-tubes and have them put in. Once we did this we have had no problems at all with punctures. We can get in and about most shops in the pushchair but struggle in places with old style shop fronts.

The storage of the shopping basket and seat back pockets is excellent and I can get a lot of stuff in there which is wonderful for those of us who walk a lot and shop as we go. The Nipper off roads with us a lot now we have fixed the puncture situation and we love a good long walk along country tracks. The shopping basket does make the ground clearance a little low so I would recommend removing it if you want to be going over rough terrain.

The Nipper has been our workhorse, very unloved but hardy and suitable for all kids of users. Do not expect to be able to fold it to use buses and things though, that would be a nightmare.

The kids now hate to go in the Nipper, so I am actually replacing it with a family bike, I will pedal and the kids are in a large box in front of me, the bike will be arriving from Holland and be being delivered to me in about 2 weeks, I’ll report back on how that goes as an alternative to pushchairs.

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