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Phil & Ted’s Sport v2 Review by Leah

I was a self confessed P&T hater!  The very thought of putting my baby/toddler underneath basically in the shopping basket was just not my cup of tea.  But when i actually got my hands on one and got my 2 yr old twin boys in it- i was converted!!  And actually my boys fight over who gets to sit in the back!!

Ive only owned my P&T Sport for a few weeks but I’m already very impressed with it and how it suits our life style.

My twin boys are 2 yrs old and average size and weight.

The P&T Sport weighs in at 10.5 kgs for the single main buggy plus a bit extra for the doubles kit.  I find it very light and easy to manoeuvre however its quite heavy to lift up with 2 two yr olds if i cant find a drop curb.  The front goes up great but i have to lift the back up.

It is 62cms wide overall- this is mainly due to the wheels as they are quite far apart for stability.

Folded dimensions with the wheels off are 76.2cms x 50.8cms x 22.8cms which is very impressive!!

The main seat will recline to completely flat for a newborn and P&T sell a cocoon which fits in nicely.  The doubles kit has a slight recline on it but due to the seat dropping behind the bar at the top of it, the recline feature wouldn’t be able to be used after your child’s head reaches the bar- id say max 18m.  My 2 yr old can shuffle down in the seat though and i can recline it.

If you were to use this for a newborn and a toddler, the doubles seat attaches to the front of the frame over the front of the baby on the front of the pram.  There is a weather cover which velcros on to the rear open space on the main seat to give your baby more protection from the elements.  There is also a seperate set of elbow adapters to connect the doubles seat to the front.

Obviously when both seats are in use in toddler mode,  there is a very limited amount you can recline the main seat so bear that in mind if you are buying for an older child who likes to sleep in the pram.

P&T say the doubles seat is suitable from 6 months.  I would say you could possible use it a little earlier than that, obviously depending on the abilities of your baby.

The main seat is suitable for use up to  55lbs weight and the doubles kit is suitable for up to 33lbs when on the back and 44lbs when on the front.  Therefore P&T recommend you put your heavier child in the main seat but i also guess it really depends on the difference in weight of your children.

This pushchair particularly suits my needs as i have a 7 seater Mazda5 with a miniscule boot with all the seats in use so we needed a double that fits into the car.  Up till 2 yrs of age i had a baby jogger city elite double and it has never been able to come out with us as a family.  We would either use 2 cars or a roofbox.

So the P&T Sport has a nifty little fold, the back drops onto the rear wheels and then you pull the whole thing in half.  A quick twist of the front wheel and flattening the shopping basket makes the whole thing really flat.

Then for me, i just pop off the 3 easy remove wheels and the hole thing fits it into my boot!!

There is 1 small complaint about the fold, and that is the handle bar drops to the ground when you fold so i would suggest a quality handle bar cover to give the foam some protection.  These are under £10 online.

In Summary, i am really enjoying this pushchair.  I never thought i would like using it as much as i do.

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