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Silver Cross Pop Sport Duo

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  1. louiseraynor

    I bought this double for the arrival of my second son – there’s 19 months between the two – as I had a coachbuilt Silver Cross, which is fab, so it’s a brand I trust. It’s easy to fold and fits in a small car boot, with carry handle. Good positioning for new born – flatter than a car seat/travel system and a nice padded seat. Great accessories included – raincover, 2 x footmuff/coseytoe, 2 x headhugger & shoulder pads.
    I find that, due to the width of side-by-side, access to places can be limited, which includes getting around inside the shop once you’ve negotiated the door.
    My older son is a big boy and I thought the seat looked a bit pokey, but he hasn’t complained and fits surprisingly well (seats on side-by-sides are smaller than single buggies).
    The only other issue I found was that the brakes are temperamental/quite difficult to get on properly – I’ve had to run after it in car parks = not good.
    The absence of a middle handle has never bothered me, but my mum has commented when using, that it’s easier to have one with 3rd handle.
    I thought it good value for money, it’s kept well and I’ve not been disappointed.

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