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Baby Jogger City Mini Double Review by Katie

I bought this buggy for my 37 month old son and newborn daughter.
At the time of purchase it seemed the best option.
Overall I think this is a fantastic double and I was familiar with the workings of it as I have the single.
It’s very easy to manoeuvre, one handed at that too. I’m 5.6 in height and as the handle bar is fixed could possible be an issue for taller or shorter people.
I don’t find it too heavy other than going up hill.

My son is of average weight and height for his age and fits perfectly in his seat with plenty of room. I used a different branded soft cot to have my daughter parent facing for the first two months but you can view them easily through the mesh at the rear and through the viewing windows.
You do need some sort of liner for a newborn to make the seat more snug and definitely a head hugger.

The best thing about this brand are the hoods. No need for a parasol and they also provide good wind protection. As they are individual it’s handy especially with an older child that does not want their hood up.

I find the width fine in modern shops with wheelchair access but as I live in a small town some of our buildings are very old and cannot get in them, so I do have to plan my shopping trips around using it.

I store mine in the hallway folded and doesn’t take up too much room and it fits in my average sized boot.

This buggy is the best mid ranged price double I came across and would recommend it to most people depending on their needs.

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