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Hauck Duett – Raincover / Possible Newborn Mode for Rachael

Here are a couple of photos of today’s outing with the Hauck Duett. We do not have the “offical” raincover from Hauck so improvised with a B-Dual raincover and it worked very well.


Rachael asked me to see if I could put the upper seat of the Hauck Duett parent facing, in half carrycot mode ie the toggle lowered so that the seat was flat for a newborn, with the foot rest up to allow room for a toddler. Please note I do not recommend this, but it is a question I am sure people would like the answer to.

First of all please note that there are D rings inside the upper seat and also some loops which would allow for another safety harness to be fitted. I put my ten month old baby in. He seemed very comfortable in the upper part of the seat. However, he does like to stick his feet into the air and I am not sure he would sleep with them like this! There is 48cms between the seat crease and the top of the carrycot with the hood up, but once the hood is folded down, there is only about 42cms useable space. My son at 8 weeks was 54cms long (he was tall) but it isn’t really sufficient for a young baby – certainly not until 6 months when they could move into the main seat.

It really is such a shame that Hauck haven’t put the strap / toggle recline system on the lower seat instead of the upper seat. I really hope that Hauck consider for future Duett models where a newborn could be carried with a toddler sat in an upright position.

It is also worth noting that although you could lift the carrycot part off the frame, there is no bottom to it, therefore it wouldn’t lie on the floor without collapsing flat.

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  1. Jenni

    Hi i have been looking at getting this pram for a newborn and a 2 year old (will be in the newyear) and have been wanting a cheapish pram that does the newborn mode and a toddler seat. this is the kind of pram i like! and thankyou for demostrating how the footrest can be put up to create headroom for the toddler. do you think that you could possibly still put the newborn cosy section in while the footrest is up? i know its not recomended.

    Its quite annoying that britax have got adapters for the bdual when using the carrycot thay makes more headroom, maybe hauck will think of this idea?

    • Honestly, I don’t think a newborn would have enough room in the top – and even if you did put their head right to the top of the canopy (laid flat of course), then you would not be able to use the harness correctly because it would be in the wrong position. I personally would not do it. I hope Hauck consider making space for a newborn in the bottom seat like the B-Dual, or as you suggest adaptors to push the seat forwards, because then it would work brilliantly for a newborn and toddler.

  2. Jenni

    Thanks for your reply Justine, if the newborn cosy section was on, you wouldn’t be using the harness would you? i think i need to see one to get an idea!


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