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Mima Kobi – Comfy Seating Positions for Children

This set of photographs show a tall 2.5 year old (in age 3-4 clothing) sat very comfortably in the upper seat of the Mima Kobi. Her head almost reaches the canopy but not quite. But the canopy can be easily removed for space for additional growth. She is well inside the 17kg upper limit for the seat.

Her brother is a tall ten month old. We put him in the carrycot for illustration purposes and he has plenty of room around him. In fact he was so happy in the carrycot that we left him playing happily for ages! He weighs approx 20.5lbs and is in age 9-12 month clothing.

The seat unit held both children comfortably, especially the eldest who had plenty of seat depth. The baby loved being on the bottom and although the upper seat was directly in his view, he had a good view out of both sides and was happy looking around him.

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