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Quinny Buzz 3 Review by Vicky

I bought my Quinny Buzz 3 when my son was 15 months old. I had moved to a different country and needed something with larger wheels and more suitable for handling snow and rough terrain. 6 months on, I am still in love with this pushchair and my only regret is that I didn’t buy this first. I would have loved to have used a Dreami Carrycot with it. There are many things I love about this pushchair. Firstly, it looks great! I love the sleek chrome, the bucket seat and the chunky back wheels. When I bought this pushchair we had inches of snow outside and with the front wheel locked it handled the snow without a problem. Now the weather is better I have been able to take my son for walks in the woods in his Quinny and again, it handles the rough terrain great. I love how smoothly it glides along the pavements. My little boy loves how high and upright his seat is, he gets a great view of the world in forward facing mode. The extendable handlebar is great for us, as I am substantially shorter than my husband and we are able to adjust the handlebar height to suit us both.

The Quinny comes with a Buzz Box – a smallish bag for carrying your nappies, wipes, drinks and snacks, which conveniently clips onto the frame rather than having it hanging from the handle bars and swinging into your legs. Another fantastic accessory is the foot muff. This is more like a cocoon, it zips right up to baby’s chin and has a drawstring to enable you to create a hood around your baby’s head, keeping the wind and cold out of their ears.

Of course, no pushchair is perfect. The fold on the Buzz is quite large, though is substantially reduced by popping the back wheels off, which is very easy to do. The Buzz doesn’t come with a basket, though you can buy one separately. The basket is small, but is ok if you are only buying a few items from the shops. I also purchased a Buggy Buddy clip for the handle bar so I can hang a bag on this.

The only real disappointment I have had with this pushchair is that it only has 2 recline positions in parent facing mode. You can have it laying flat or semi upright, but there is not an option to have it sitting upright like there is in forward facing mode. This was disappointing as my little boy will not tolerate the semi upright position and so can only go forward facing. If this could be amended then the Quinny could possibly be my perfect pushchair!


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