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O’Baby Zynergi Zoom Review by Jen

Can have new baby in carrycot facing you like you would a single pram and toddler facing out at the front like a normal buggy – this is the reason I bought it
Huge basket
Loads leg room in seats
Multiple seat positions
Easy to fold down/put up
Car seats can be used
Good value for money
Seats are very roomy
Carrycot is huge and suitable for overnight sleeping as has thick mattress
It is so long and hurts wrists when going round corners espectially when heavy child in front
Is huge when folded as seat units/carrycots have to be stored seperately so you need a huge boot!
Heavy to steer
Hard to manage on country walks when footpath is slopey
Hoods are not overly huge like the fab BJCS
Baby in front seat is so far away I had to shout so he could hear me
Raincovers are awful, thin and dont fit properly so if it is windy they can blow off easily!

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