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Baby Jogger City Elite with Children!

These are just a few photos of some children in the Baby Jogger City Elite. First of all are my 10 month old and tall 2 and a half year old. As you can see they have tons of room in the Elite. The hoods are absolutely enormous! As I was taking some Elite photos, my nephews & nieces passed the gate. I asked the 5 year old to hop in, and her 8 year old sister asked to climb in as well. I know the Elite in the US is tested up to 100lbs so I said she could. As you can see the 5 year old still has plenty of room. The 8 year old less so – but we only did this for the sake of trying the pushchair out. Before I knew it their older siblings had jumped in and you can see that the Baby Jogger Elite held up well to having a 10 and an 11 year old in it!  I even could push them easily across our thick gravel! Amazing!

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