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Graco Quattro Tour Duo with Children

A photoset just to give an idea of the size of the Graco seats with children in. The girl is 2.9 years old and the baby is 12 months old.

My only comments are with regards where each should sit. When the girl was sat in the front, as you can see, if she dangled her feet (which she tends to do) then they were touching the wheels. For safety sake, but also because the seat is taller, I sat her in the back. However this left my baby with only a small recline and shallow hood for his nap. Maybe I should have hoped that my daughter would keep her feet on the foot rest and put the baby in the rear – if my daughter will let me because she loved being in the rear!

The length between the knee and back footrest is 6cms longer than the length between the knee and footrest at the front.

The rear seat is 3cms taller, a huge 8cms wider at the back of the seat and 2cms wider at the front of the seat.

However the front seat is 3.5cms deeper ie knee to the back of the seat than the rear one which doesn’t really make any sense if the larger child is meant to go in the rear (which all other measurements seem to indicate)!!

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