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More Baby Jogger City Elite Double Photos with Children!

Here is a set of photos of the Baby Jogger City Elite Double pushchair with an 11 month old and a tall 2.9 year old in (she is rapidly growing out of age 3-4 clothes).

As you can see the Baby Jogger City Elite has enormous seats. The 2.9 year old can’t even reach the bottom of the foot rest and she has loads and loads of head room and seat back to grow into. The baby’s legs are very comfortable on the kicker board / calf rest.

Whilst this pushchair is definitely a great choice for children from birth to five and probably even beyond (see the other set of photos with the older children in), it also is not a great deal different in size to the City Mini. The large wheels really are the main difference with the large footplate adding some depth and weight. There are a couple of side by side comparisons with the City Mini on this website.

I think the Baby Jogger City Elite is definitely a pushchair that should be considered when looking for a double pushchair, and also as a more luxurious alternative to the City Mini. A real star of a pushchair!

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