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Mountain Buggy Duo v’s Duet

Here are some comparison pictures for the new Mountain Buggy Duet v’s the Duo.

The photographs taken by Best Buggy were taken at the Harrogate Show earlier in 2011, and show the prototype Duet. Please be aware that there are differences in the fold and footplate in the version of the Duet that is about to go on sale to customers. As soon as we have the new Duet, we hope to update our photos. They are here purely to help understand the size difference, as shown in the official Mountain Buggy picture with the silhouette of the Duo behind the Duet, rather than the detail!

The main differences between the Mountain Buggy Duo and the Duet are:

The Duo has 12″ tyres and the Duet has 10″ tyres

The Duo weighs 16.4 kilos and the Duet 15.5 kilos

The Duo is 72.4cms wide and the Duet is 63cms

And you can buy the Duo in 6 colours but the Duet only comes in black (but
its a great opportunity to jazz it up with colourful accessories!)


There are similarities too between the Mountain Buggy Duo and the Duet including:

Separate hoods with peekaboo windows

Adjustable handles

Detachable double bumper bar

Basket (will hold up to 5kgs)

Cup and Bottle Holders

Easy to remove fabric which wipes clean!

Lockable swivel front wheels

Quick release wheels

Seats adjust from fully upright down to a full recline suitable from newborn

Quick release footbrake

Lightweight frames (slimmer on the Duet than the Duo)


There are some accessories specific to the Duet including carrycots, storm cover and sun cover.

There are some accessories suitable for both the Duet and Duo including the travel bag, car seat adaptors and Freerider.




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