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Maxi-Cosi Noa v’s Baby Jogger City Mini

The Maxi Cosi Noa v’s the Baby Jogger City Mini.

This is a quick comparison of the two.



Open: 62cm x 48cm x 103.5cm
Folded: 68.5cm x 36cm x 31cm
Weight: 7kg

Baby Jogger City Mini

Open: 101.6cm x 61cm x 104cm
Folded: 77.5cm x 61.6cm x 24.1cm
Weight: 7.64kg
Feel: There is no doubt that the Baby Jogger City Mini is far superior, but it also comes with a price tag around £100 higher than the Noa. The chassis on the City Mini is solid, firm and sturdy. The City Mini is a proper pushchair as opposed to the Maxi Cosi Noa which is more of a buggy or stroller. The Maxi Cosi Noa is a > shape and as a result there is a lot of bounce in the pushchair especially when empty. But this tightens up with a child on board. The Noa is still sturdy and the bounce in the frame is great for getting babies to sleep! I worried about whether the Noa would cope with the weight of my almost 15kg toddler…but the Noa coped brilliantly with her weight plus shopping! At one poing Mr BB left a heavy shopping basket on the Noa handlebar before our toddler climbed out…and to our surprise the Noa didn’t instantly fall backwards like most buggies would have done.
Open / Fold: The Baby Jogger City Mini has the easiest and simplest fold and unfold of any pushchair ever! To open, simply flick it open and do up the safety straps. To fold, undo the safety straps and pull the handle in the centre of the seat and the pushchair collapses beneath your hand. It is great for folding and unfolding with a baby tucked under one arm. The Noa has a more complex opening, but it is incredibly simple! Press a button on the top of the handlebar to unfold and then press the bar down to fix into place. To fold, press the button in on the bar to release it, then press the button in on the top of the handlebar, and fold down and the Noa clicks closed. Both are one handed folds.
Seat Units: The Baby Jogger City Mini has the far superior seat. It is large, tall and padded with a full lie flat recline. The Noa has a good seat unit, but with no padding. But my 2.10 year old has plenty of room in the Noa seat. The Noa has a one zip recline. The City Mini reclines to completely flat using a toggle recline. Thus the City Mini is suitable from birth whereas the Noa is suitable from 6 months old. Both pushchairs have a good footrest at a good height for a toddler. There is a choice of having the rear of the City Mini open or closed when reclined.
Hoods: There is absolutely no doubt that the Baby Jogger City Mini hood is far far superior. It is much larger and deeper and more sturdy. The Noa hood is fairly flimsy and offers minimal coverage, but is enough for a child to get some wind, rain and sun protection.
Handle bars & Pushability: Both pushchairs are highly manoeuverable and easy to push one handed. The Baby Jogger City Mini has one handlebar with a rubber cover on. It is curved to allow parents of different heights to grasp the handlebar wherever they feel comfortable. The Noa has two handlebars but these are at a good height and the BB crew all found the handlebars comfy whether they were tall or small.

Basket: The Noa basket has the chassis X running through the middle of it. There is a larger space at the front ie nearest the parent, with the possibility of packing more around the sides and back of the basket. The Baby Jogger City Mini by far has the largest basket. However access is more limited than the Noa and it can be hard to ‘post’ items in and out. The Baby Jogger City Mini has a large net pocket on the back of the seat. The Noa has a handy pocket on the back of its seat too although much smaller – enough to hold a drink.

Wheels: The Baby Jogger City Mini has a choice of 3 or 4 wheels. 4 wheels offers greater stability which is recommended especially if you plan to use the car seat, or push one handed eg whilst holding a toddlers hands. I have found the 3 wheel version tips if you do a tight corner eg walking away from a car. The Maxi Cosi Noa has 4 smaller more buggy like wheels which appear to date to be quiet when walking.

Other features: The Baby Jogger City Mini has options to take a Maxi Cosi car seat, or also to take one of a choice of two carrycots. The Noa has no such options.

The Noa has a telescopic pull out handle. This can be very useful for a day trip where a tired toddler may need a lift on the way home, or for a mum doing the nursery run, who doesn’t want to walk home pushing an empty pushchair – although I do think it would look more odd pulling the Noa along behind you!

Both pushchairs have footbrakes. The Noa is a one side on, and the other side off brake. The Baby Jogger City Mini brake simply flicks on and off.

In summary: There is no doubt that the Baby Jogger City Mini is far superior to the Noa. But it also has a larger price tag plus critically a larger fold. A Noa is very likely to be bought for the small fold, to fit in a small car or for travelling and this is the Noa’s biggest benefit. The Noa does the job of transporting a 6 month plus child very well, but for better features eg better hood, better recline etc. plus importantly as a birth to five stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini wins hands down.

Maybe it isn’t fair to compare the two, but they both are good options for a lightweight stroller type pushchair and are both options that people would probably consider alongside each other when choosing a lightweight pushchair.


Note: the Noa photographed is produced under the Bebe Confort brand name but is the same as the Maxi Cosi version

Note: Please use this quick summary in conjunction with the more detailed individual reviews.

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