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Mountain Buggy Duet Accessories

I have tried out some accessories on the Mountain Buggy Duet to see how they fit.


I tried our Snunkies, Phil&Teds Sleeping Bag and a Quinny footmuff on the Mountain Buggy Duet. The Snunkies were too large really for the Duet although definitely the warmest and most snuggly. The Phil&Teds sleeping bag was tiny. The girl could barely get her feet in it. The Quinny surprisingly fitted the best. It looked neat and the girl had plenty of room for her feet and to move.

It is easiest to attach a footmuff using the back of the seat ie a hook over footmuff with a flap. But the advantage of the Quinny ones with the “hood” on, is that when a child is reclined, the hood which I used to hook over the back of the seat comes free and keeps the baby warm. However when the child sits up again the fabric all bunches horribly around their head, but in the hooded part the child’s head stays comfortable. To put the cosy toes on, it is necessary to pull the seat back all the way forwards as in the photo above, then hook the cosy toes over before setting the seat back in place and pulling the recline straps tight. I have not been able to do this with a child in the seat.

There are also photos here from Victoria showing her Bugaboo Footmuffs on the Mountain Buggy Duet, and from Cat showing the length that her red Buggysnuggles come down to on the Duet.

Other accessories

I also tried a Phil&Teds Hang Bag, which would work great except there are the two clips across the opening to the basket and so it doesn’t fit. I tried a Baby Jogger Belly Bar console on the bumper bar and that works great. I have ordered a handlebar cover from an Ebay seller for about £12.

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