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Mountain Buggy Duet with Children

This photo set shows a 2.10 year old girl and a 13 month old boy in the Mountain Buggy Duet. Both are tall for their age (over the 90th centiles).

In most of these photos the excess recline fabric has been pushed behind the seats. This pushes the seats forward and makes them very upright. It also means that the children don’t have the excess fabric uncomfortably either behind their backs or bunched up around their heads. If you look carefully on some of the later photos in this set, the bunched up effect is very visible.

The photos underneath the hood aren’t very clear, but the girl does have room underneath the hood for her head. However when she is reclined she is quite a lot too tall for the seat and her head is actually resting on the hood fabric rather than on the seat pad. She rarely reclines in a pushchair, (only if we go out on an evening,) but if you have a napping toddler then this could be an issue.

I was intrigued by the girl dangling her legs over the side of the Duet when we weren’t taking ‘official’ photos. I wondered if she was uncomfy but the sideways photos seem to give her a comfortable length of footrest.

Note the gaps on the sides of the hood.

The larger ‘intentional’ hole in the hood is directly touching the girls head when reclined.

Although both children do seem to fill the Mountain Buggy Duet, when you look closely they do have enough seat room and height for the foreseeable future. The hoods remove easily too. The footplate is a generous size for larger feet. There is plenty of room in the harnesses for growth but on these photos the girl is on the highest strap height setting and the boy is on the middle one (although he really should probably be on the upper setting too).

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