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TFK Twinner Twist Duo Footmuff by Fiona

When I first got the TFK (Trends for Kids) Twinner Twist Duo footmuff out the box (not having seen them but having a slight ‘everything must match’ obsession!) I was amazed by the quality, how heavy duty it seems, the amount of work that’s gone into it, and how nice it looks ‘in situ’. I was umming and ahhhing over getting them but they didn’t seem extortionately expensive and it helped that the retailer threw one in for free so I was sold!
The things I like about the footmuff:
The front of the footmuff can be zipped off all the way to leave a seat liner which is how we are currently using it given the changeable nature of the weather.
Zipped into the inside of the padded footmuff is a super softy blanket ‘inner’ which can be taken completely out (both of the front – see pic and the entire back comes away too). I think the liner part would probably go in the washing machine but don’t hold me to that!
The outer fabric is the same as the pushchair fabric, so really made for some serious abuse, its functional but also quite tidy looking with matching reflective stitching, contrasting black and red to match the buggy and the TFK logo isn’t too ‘in your face’.
At the front is a little fleece lined hand muff like you get on a hoodie type jumper which is nice, although when fully zipped in, my son is too small to reach over and put his hands in yet.
The foot part has a zip on it to extend the space for bigger feet, this seems pretty spacious.
To me, with my 10 month old baby this footmuff seems really long, its longer than the length of the seat unit even with the footrest on the lowest setting, I fold it over the top which looks quite tidy I think.
The front comes up high to keep little one snug and is shaped to reduce drafts which is nice. You can fold the front down various amounts using the double zip system and toggles on either side this gives a bit more scope to use it for different sized children and different weather conditions.
It stays in place quite well because on the back are little rubber ‘bobbles’ which stop it slipping down all the while (this annoys me with the one for the Nipper!).
Things I’m not to keen on:
Because its so thick I do find it reduces the space in the seat unit. My son sometimes likes to sit ‘tucked in’ with his elbows round by his side and hands down and with the seat liner in he doesn’t have much elbow room.
My son also doesn’t sit his bottom back into the seat quite so well with the footmuff in as its full of liner, sitting more like he’s in a sling type seat, although a lot of prams are made more like this anyway.
As its so thick the straps need to be adjusted a lot to make them fit. My son is only 10 months and the straps are fairly near the maximum they’ll go, although he doesn’t need many clothes on in there so I guess they’ll last a while at this length.
I’m not sure how well it will ‘transistion’ in spring and autumn when its too cold for nothing but to warm for the full monty… I think being able to take the inner out and fold it down to cover just his lap will be enough though.

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