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Mountain Buggy Duet v’s TFK Twinner Twist Duo v’s Baby Jogger City Elite Double

I really want these photos to speak for themselves.

The three pushchairs are the Mountain Buggy Duet (the small black pushchair on the left), the TFK Twinner Twist Duo (the red one), and the Baby Jogger Elite (the tall black one on the right).

The main things I want to draw your attention to is the obvious difference in height, seat size, and handle height. The first photo shows the maximum handle height of all three pushchairs. The sixth photo (from the rear) shows the minimum handle height for all three pushchairs. I am 5ft 6 ins tall and the tallest handle height setting of the Twinner Twist Duo is just right for me.

The fold sizes are quite different. The Duet is long and thin. The Twinner Twist Duo has a trifold. The Elite folds in half. All have wheels that can easily be removed. On the Duet the rear wheels remove easily; on the Twinner Twist Duo, the front wheels remove easily; and on the Elite all the wheels can be popped off easily. The latter makes a big difference to the fold of the Elite.

The Duet is the narrowest of these three pushchairs by a huge 11/12.5cms.

The Elite and Twinner Twist Duo have leg rests which lift up for the child’s comfort. They also have a lot of visible padding on the seats.

The Elite and Twinner Twist Duo have loads of storage pockets in addition to the large baskets. The Duet has a large basket and a bottle holder.

The Twinner Twist Duo and Duet will take two car seats and two carrycots. The Elite will not. All the pushchairs have seats that lie flat and are suitable for newborns.


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