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Phil & Teds Promenade

This new pushchair from Phil & Teds seems to be one of the best kept secrets of 2011.

We had heard rumours of it before the 2011 Kind and Jugend show in Cologne, but everyone came away from the show with tightly sealed lips!

But, here is the amazing looking Phil&Teds Promenade!!

The Phil and Teds Promenade appears at first glance to be a single pushchair which takes a carrycot, car seat or seat unit. The seat unit can forward face or parent face.

The Promenade seat unit, rotates into three positions forward facing and also reclines and sits upright parent facing. The footrest is adjustable. There appears to be two height settings ie lower for forward facing and upper for parent facing.

The Phil & Teds Promenade seat unit conceals the carrycot fabric, which is released by undoing a buckle at the head end of the seat unit, (in a similar way to the Hauck Duett main seat does), and makes the seat unit convert easily into a carrycot without needing any extra pieces or spending extra for a carrycot or cocoon!

But brilliantly, the Promenade also converts into a tandem pushchair and can take two seat units, or two carrycots, or a seat unit and carrycot, so could be a great option for twins from birth! The second seat is an add on seat, but importantly we believe that it is the same size as the main seat. The second seat or carrycot fits in a set of sockets down near the rear wheels.

We believe the two seat units both have to be forward facing on the Promenade. We believe there are three recline positions on the main seat and also on the doubles kit seat in tandem mode when forward facing.

In two carrycot mode, the pictures seem to show that the top carrycot is parent facing and the lower carrycot stacks almost directly underneath it but forward facing. The hood of the lower carrycot appears to almost touch the foot end of the upper carrycot (similar in many ways to the Mima Kobi). But there is plenty of space height wise between the two carrycots.

There is a good sized basket which really importantly looks like it can still be used and accessed to some degree when in tandem mode because the front of the basket has been left fairly open.

The wheels look very like the Verve wheels which give it good front suspension.

The Phil & Teds Promenade apparently can take a car seat in single mode. We understand that two Graco seats can be added to the Promenade at present but Phil & Teds are hoping to be able to add Maxi-Cosi car seats onto the Promenade. The pushchair that was on show is very likely to be still a prototype.

There seem to be some good features like the hoods butting up to the chassis, and the bumper bar appears to be hinged. There is a peekaboo window in the hood. There also appears to be a “green light” safety feature that we believe indicates that the seat is securely attached. But we will have to wait to find out more about that.

But the new Phil & Teds Promenade promises at first look to be very exciting. The Promenade is due out in early 2012 and we believe the chassis with one seat will be circa $849 (approx £550 at todays exchange rate), and the second seat will be circa $135 (approx £90 at todays exchange rate) but we will wait for confirmation of the official UK Price later.



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