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Single ABC Adventure Buggy with Top Mounted Toddler Seat with Children

Here are the children aged 2.10 years old and 12/13 months old in the ABC Adventure Buggy with top mounted static toddler seat.

We love this pushchair because it is comfy for the baby – with a full recline for him to sleep, and the toddler can interact and chat to you as you walk along, as well as them having a great view of the world. A large shopping bag and several pockets makes outings and shopping easy.

The baby is very comfortable in the main seat but the hood height when raised is too low for the toddler to sit under comfortably. There is room for her to sit comfortably with the hood pushed back. The baby is shown in the toddler seat, and he sat well with the 5 point harness. However in reality we wouldn’t take him out on a walk like this until he’s a little bit older.

The photos also show the ABC Adventure Buggy with 3 wheels and also the 4 wheel stability kit.

We love this pushchair!! It’s a lot of fun to use. We just wish it would fit in our car without having to be dismantled!

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