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Baby Jogger City Select v’s Kolcraft Contours

This photoset shows the Kolcraft Contours side by side with the Baby Jogger City Select.

Please note that there is a big price difference between these two pushchairs, and this is very clear in the quality of the two products in that the City Select has a much better quality chassis, fabrics and general build.

But the Kolcraft Contours is great value for money, has large seats, comes with a car seat adaptor and head huggers and some of the seating positions are better than the City Select ie the baby parent facing can be reclined.

Also with the City Select it is very difficult to know where the front of the pushchair is if the front child is facing forwards. I never felt confident, particularly in shops with displays, in having my eldest at the front as I had no idea where her legs were. But with the Contours its easy to see where the front wheel is when you look down the side which gives you a good idea where the front is.

The Baby Jogger City Select does fold much more compactly, has an adjustable handle and takes carrycots. The Contours seats are supposedly suitable from birth but they are very buckety and to be honest, I wouldn’t consider putting a newborn into the seats. I would prefer to use a car seat to begin with.

The Contours was much easier to lift up a kerb than the City Select and wasn’t as heavy to push. However it is longer. Fine for walking but noticeable in small shops.

Finally the Contours is a US import product. If there is any issue with it, the pushchair needs to be returned to the US for repair which may leave you without a pushchair for some time.

Both these pushchairs offer more than these photos can show. Please do go and look at the pages for the individual pushchairs for more photos and information. Some of these photos are to show issues with these pushchairs as well as how you would necessarily use them.

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