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Kolcraft Contours with Children

This is a photoset of the Kolcraft Contours with a tall 2.8 year old girl and tall 11 month old boy on board.

Both are very comfortable in the roomy seats. There is plenty of head room for the girl. She has good leg room too although she prefers to dangle her feet (usual with all pushchairs!) and as you can see, she can’t reach the floor, which is good when pushing a longer tandem where you are unable to see the front of the pushchair as you push.

What we absolutely love about the Contours is that its been the only tandem we have tried where you can have the baby parent facing but laid completely flat for a nap. It was a refreshing change to be able to see him. Meanwhile his sister had a great view out of the front. What I preferred on the Contours to the Baby Jogger City Select is that as I pushed, I was able to see the front wheel down the side of the pushchair. Thus I always had a good idea of where the front of the pushchair, and therefore where my daughter was. With the City Select I rarely put my daughter outward facing at the front, because I had no idea where the front of the pushchair was eg in shops and given her legs would be the first line of defence, I didn’t want to accidentally hurt her running into a display!

I found my son did lean to one side, but Kolcraft thoughtfully provided two head huggers with the pushchair, one of which was a good support for him. There isn’t much of a ‘side’ to the pushchair for him to lean against though. But my son looked very comfortable in his seat and I loved being able to see him.

The seats reclined really easily with both children in. When reclining both children when back to back, it did take a bit of juggling to get the hoods to interlock correctly to allow both to recline but it got easier with practice! We tried the children facing each other, but our daughters feet were too near the baby’s bare feet and we didn’t trust her not to kick or stand on his feet! I think facing each other is best for two children of a similar age! The seats were very easy to click in and out.

The hoods were a good size and offered good shelter from the sun.

The Kolcraft Contours comes with one car seat adaptor which held a Maxi-cosi Cabriofix securely. However the seats are apparently suitable from birth, but it must be remembered that this is a US imported pushchair, and in the US guidelines are different (for example the iCandy Peach in the US is suitable from birth). I personally would not suggest putting an under six month old in the Contours seats. They are very buckety. However the Contours will take two car seat adaptors and at time of writing an additonal adaptor would be easy to buy from Ebay. Just to add, because the Contours is an imported pushchair, it will not meet UK safety standards and its worth bearing this in mind.

We loved the huge shopping basket. We managed to get lots of parcels to the post office and brought lots of shopping back with us. It was easy to access the items in the basket.

The handle is a fixed height but was perfect for me at 5ft 6ins tall. It was a lovely good sized foam covered handle. One of the nicest I have held.

The fold on the Kolcraft Contours is an odd concertina one. One seat can be left on the chassis for the fold, but its easy to pop both on and off. Although the fold is relatively large, the bulk is at the bottom and so the Contours fitted well into our car boot.

Just to add here, although there are similarities with the Baby Jogger City Select, there is no question that the City Select is better quality. However the Contours is much much easier to push with both children on board and was a pleasure and fun to use.

We liked the handles on both sides for a walking child to hold onto too.

There are lots more configurations for the Kolcraft Contours which are shown on another post without the children in.


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