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Babyhome Emotion Xtreet v’s Maxi-Cosi Noa

We have been using the Babyhome Emotion Xtreet a lot alongside our Maxi Cosi Noa (one for each child when car boot space is tight). This is really a follow up post because I felt there was more that I needed to say after having used these two pushchairs side by side a lot, including on a recent holiday.

Maybe it isn’t fair to put these two side by side, because after all there is around £70 price difference (the Xtreet being more expensive) but these two pushchairs have been our working small pushchairs, and these are the two we chose to buy to do the same job ie a small light pushchair for when space in the car is at a premium, or space where we are going to is at a premium, or when a pushchair has to be left outside or taken on public transport.

I fell in love with the Babyhome Emotion Xtreet back in March at the Harrogate Nursery Fair. It is an incredibly neat & slim pushchair; great quality with fantastic styling and a large basket. I have to say it was so fabulous that I went home and ordered one!

The Maxi-Cosi Noa didn’t impress in the same way. I folded it at Harrogate and it was good, but the looks didn’t grab me at all.  I really didn’t ‘get’ the Noa. Fast forward 8 months and I now totally ‘get’ the Noa. Everything about it works so well – especially that AWESOME one handed fold and unfold. The Xtreet meanwhile still looks gorgeous.

The BIG difference between these two pushchairs is the build – the Noa flexes a lot as you push / as the child sits in it. Thats the nature of the fold and it gives the child a cushioned ride. The Xtreet meanwhile is solid, as I would expect a pushchair of that price to be. But the fold as a result is a little bigger. The Xtreet wheels are bigger, but the Noa wheels feel very robust. There is no denying the quality of the Xtreet is far superior, with a better hood, raincover, basket etc

The Xtreet has one downside though – but it is a downside. The seat reclines too much. I have done everything I can to pull, yank, get inside the fabric, to try and make the seat just that little bit more upright. But I can’t get the seat to look any better. As a result my baby sits ok if the footrest is up, but my eldest looks simply uncomfortable. Her feet keep sliding off the footrest because it is slightly sloped downwards which doesn’t help. It’s been a huge disappointment to be honest because in every other respect the Xtreet looks the part, has the quality, the sturdyness, small fold, huge basket and was lovely to push.

Meanwhile my eldest looks incredibly comfortable in the Maxi-Cosi Noa. I love that she can comfortably put her feet on the footrests. They are at a perfect length for her. The baby equally loves having his feet against the leg rest part – this was what looked a little odd for me at first glance – but the leg rest offers good calf support for an older child, but is soft enough for bare feet to dangle against, or as my son does, to bang their feet on!!! The seating position for both children is perfect, and when our son needs a nap, it has been simple to recline him.

I wish the Noa had some of the robustness of the Xtreet, and a better basket. I much prefer the single handle with foam covering of the Xtreet, to the Noa two handles, but the Noa has two handles for a reason: the fabulous fold and I wouldn’t swap that for anything! It is the fold that really makes the Noa useful in every day real life to me as a mum of two who is trying to get both children from the car into swimming or playgroup.

As an every day pushchair, the Xtreet would work better because it does feel more solid as you push it and it has the bigger basket, better raincover, robust hood etc. But there is no doubt that for what we use a lightweight stroller type pushchair for, the Noa wins hands down for the fold, seating position and child comfort.

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