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Joovy Ultralight Caboose

This is a photoset of the Joovy Ultralight Caboose.

This is a fantastic option for a toddler and older baby, or two toddlers.

There are positives and negatives though and I want to quickly highlight some of these.

The positives are, good seating options and combinations. The front seat can take a car seat for a newborn. From 6 months old there is a very deep, comfy seat with side wings to rest a little head, and a good recline. I love the lift up calf / foot rest on the front seat.

The rear bench seat has two positions – butting up to the front seat, or pushed back. Which position is used really depends on whether the front seat is reclined or not. When the seat is pushed back, nearest the parent, then it can be strapped into position to prevent the child sliding forwards. In this position there is not much foot rest room and a child needs to make sure they dont put their feet on the floor. But importantly, the toddler has the option of sitting, standing or even hopping on and off. It is a fab way to make the transition from pushchair to full time walking, and that is one of the huge appeals of the Joovy Ultralight Caboose.

The basket is a great size with several smaller side pockets. We got several bags of shopping underneath the seat. The eldest had to jump off the seat whilst I packed it which was a little bit of a pain because the check out is one of our stress points where I am engaged trying to pack, pay the bill etc but the toddler could run free! It’s one of the reasons I take a double pushchair out when shopping.

The handle was at a good height for me at 5ft 6ins. The handle is foam covered and is comfortable in the hand.

The negatives include the hood which whilst huge and offers good shade to one or both children, is a shared hood and so there is a huge gap in the middle! It’s not very cosy for our UK winters. It’s hard to fit a cosy toes on for each child (although the front seat is easier). So the Joovy Ultralight Caboose is probably a pushchair where the children need togging up nice and warm before using!

I found the push was very trolley like. There is not the suspension of a typical tandem pushchair. It was not difficult to push but equally it was not the easiest pushchair I have tried out. However the Ultralight felt like a hard ride.

This was a US imported Joovy, so it had a brake on each wheel (UK pushchairs have to have linked brakes). It came with a fab parent console and the car seat adaptor. The car seat adaptor was very easy to fit. There were additional tether straps located neatly in pockets on the side of the Ultralight, to secure the car seat in place. There was also a snack tray which fitted onto the front seat.

The fold is long but flat. The overall footprint of the Ultralight Caboose is relatively small though.

We really enjoyed the Joovy Ultralight Caboose. It was a lot of fun having the toddler parent facing whilst the baby got a comfortable ride. We would recommend one!


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