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Joovy Ultralight Caboose v’s Joovy Ergo Caboose

Here is a photoset of the two Joovy Caboose Pushchairs – the Ultralight and the Ergo.

They may share the same manufacturer, but that is where the similarity ends. They are like chalk and cheese. One is very good and the other is one of the most awful pushchairs I have pushed to date!

The Joovy Ultralight Caboose is very good! The front seat has a deep recline with comfy padding and side support. The rear seat slides back and forth to allow for the deep recline. Yes, there could do with a little more space at the back for when the front seat is fully reclined, but we managed.The Ultralight feels a bit like a trolley to push and isn’t as responsive as a regular tandem to push. There is very poor suspension (if any!). But the Ultralight is not bad to push. We did our shopping easily. It was good to push on the straight. We got into shops easily. It was a lot of fun. We loved the options of the car seat / seats / standing board / hop on and off. We would recommend the Ultralight because we really liked it and it was practical with two children.

In contrast, although the Joovy Ergo appears to have the good looks, please do not be deceived. Just look at those tiny front wheels!! The Ergo is heavy to push on the straight, very long, and the manoeuverability around a supermarket was so bad that this pushchair was sold as fast as I possibly could!! The steering was diabolical! Every time I got to the end of an aisle I had to pray that we wouldn’t run into anyone whilst attempting something akin to cornering at an angle! Thankfully it was the parents-in-law who we eventually ran into and I begged for their help to get us out of the supermarket asap!!!! The Ergo was long, cumbersome and generally awful!

Do I need to continue to talk about the horrible rough hard seat (we couldn’t get hold of the seat pads), the poor recline (and yet there is bags of space between the two children for a deeper recline), the lack of side support on the front seat, long fold, the awkward to fit car seat adaptor??? Honestly, I was suckered in by the smart looks of the Ergo and the great looking back canopy, but please learn from my mistake and don’t buy one!!!

Both baskets are very good. The Ergo basket is easier to access without removing the rear child. But it was nice to have a little helper to put the shopping into the basket of the Ultralight.

We felt that the hood lets these Joovy Cabooses down. Yes, the hoods were large and the Ergo offered good shelter for the rear child. However for a UK winter, the hole through the middle did not offer protection from bitter winds and for us would have been an issue.

But the Joovy Ultralight is definitely worth a consideration. I think you need to think carefully about whether your eldest child is sensible enough not to mess around on the back seat as it is easy for a child to stand up, slide the seat, try to touch the floor etc. But its a great way to transition a child from pushchair to walking.  Please don’t waste your money on the tank-like Joovy Ergo Caboose!


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