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Joovy Ultralight Caboose with Children

Here is a photoset of the Joovy Ultralight Caboose with a 2.9 year old and 12 month old on board.

The 2.9 year old is very good as far as toddlers go, but I think she was just about old enough for the Joovy Ultralight Caboose. The 12 month old was very comfy in the front seat.

The front seat has a very deep recline which is brilliant for babies aged 6 months plus. However as this photoset shows, and the other without the children in shows, is that the recline does compromise the seating position of the child in the rear. However there is sufficient recline on the front seat without lying it fully down to allow a comfy sleep for an older baby. The rear bench seat does slide forwards towards the parent which means a toddler can still sit down, although their feet do not have much space on the board. The down side of this is that the toddler can easily reach out and touch the ground whilst the pushchair is moving.

But to be honest, this is a pushchair that needs a toddler with some degree of sensibility and ability to understand what is dangerous or not! The rear seat harness is only a loose one, so the toddler is easily able to stand up or be silly should they wish! Be warned, we took the Joovy up a step into a shop, and the eldest nearly catapulted out towards me because she wasn’t strapped to a seat as we were used to, and she was also rear facing!!

My daughter was probably just a little bit too young to stand up. I know other children will be fine, but she wanted to lean backwards onto me and hop on and off and generally be silly! I preferred to have her sat down and strapped in!

However the Joovy Ultralight Caboose was a LOT of fun. This pushchair was the one which my daughter kept requesting us to use and when we finally sold it, she was upset and wanted to keep her “green pushchair”. If we had had the space, we probably would have kept it for the future.

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