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Maxi Cosi Noa

The Maxi Cosi Noa have been used a lot over the last few months and I wanted to update my review.

The Maxi-Cosi Noa is one of the most useful pushchairs I have ever used – and that is saying something!! It sits neatly either in the boot of the car, ready for those occasions where I need a small single pushchair (eg playgroup where it can be folded up and stood in a corner) or in the hall, where it sits folded in a corner in nice neat square footprint of a fold. Neat is a good word for the Noa. It can be inconspiciously and silently folded one handed and put anywhere without anyone noticing it is there.  Great for trains, restaurants, playgroup, buses etc. It simply tucks under a table, in a luggage rack, under your feet or stands by your side.

In fact you really can not ignore the one handed fold – it should really be shouted about from the rooftops!


(The unfold is just as good!!)

Its sooooo easy. A simple press in of the middle button with a press down, then a press of the button on the end of the handle and the Noa packs itself away into that neat little cuboid shape with its wheels neatly tucked in and it self locks. Stunning!!! Believe me, with a heavy baby tucked under one arm, I have been glad over and over again of the easy fold.

I have been equally glad of the one handed unfold with the baby tucked under my arm. A squeeze of the handle button and the pushchair opens itself. A simple pull up of the centre bar and the pushchair is locked.

What else is good? The Noa harness has been easy to adjust. I love that you put one side of the harness into the buckle before doing the other side of it ie no having to match the sides up when the child is wriggly! The recline is great and the zips have been easy to undo and with a push of the child upwards, they are easy to do up again. I loved being able to fold the raincover up and stuff it into the back pocket. When you fold the Noa, the pocket stays upright, and thus the raincover stays in too!

The tow handle was very useful on holiday. We were tight for space, so took the Noa and the Babyhome Emotion Xtreet with us. After the first day where DD had a melt down on the way home after the evening entertainment, we decided that in future we would rather tow the Noa behind us all day long rather than have her grumpy and tired on the way back to our accommodation. So for the next two days we towed the Noa along behind us, just so that we had it for the journey home. At no point did either of us find it a pain to be pulling along behind us for the entire day. It was easy to pull and the handle was a good height for us both.

We had a minor issue with overloading the basket!!! It was our fault, but the basket dropped off one of its fastenings, and ended up rubbing on the wheels and its worn the fabric away. Just one to watch!

I find the hood a little flimsy, but to be honest you accept that as part of the deal to get the small fold.

I have to say though, although the Noa has been very well used by used by us, we definitely feel that the Noa is an occasional pushchair. Its fab for holidays, or for nipping from the car into the doctors or a shop. But after 4 days of pushing the Noa on holiday, I was feeling the strain from the fairly low handle. I also just didn’t feel that it is robust enough to be the only pushchair we owned. Thats no reflection on the build quality which is excellent, but just that it isn’t a proper sturdy pushchair in the way that the Baby Jogger City Mini or a Maclaren is – The Noa fits neatly for me into the stroller category. But I dont believe the Noa was meant to be a full time pushchair, nor does it have the price tag to match. It is a holiday / odd outing / ‘nip in and out of’ pushchair and for that the Maxi-Cosi Noa is absolutely perfect, and it wont be leaving this house any time soon! In fact Mr BB wants to buy a second one, so that we have one for each child because they stack so neatly in the boot and house.

Highly recommended by us for well thought out usefulness!!


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