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Baby Jogger City Versa

These are photos of the Baby Jogger Versa which have been kindly shared with me.

The first three photos show the Versa outward / forward facing and then how the Versa folds in each stage.

The last three photos show the Versa parent / rearward facing and then how the Versa folds parent facing in each stage without the need to turn the seat around as you need to do with many rear facing pushchairs.

The Versa folds in two parts – first the seat is folded down. Then the ‘pull’ handle is pulled to complete the fold. The ‘pull’ handle is situated underneath the seat, above the basket. It can be clearly seen in one photo.

The fold is incredibly neat in either direction.

Please note: The tyres in the photographs are not the Versa tyres. These are GT tyres which were fitted after there was a problem with the Versa wheels. This Versa was an early sample and the end product may not be exactly the same.

*EDIT* March 2012. We have been asking Kooltrade – the UK Baby Jogger Distributors to bring the Versa to the UK with GT wheels and it looks like they may well do so :) However there would be the choice of a Versa with EVA wheels or GT ‘forever air’ wheels but the two are not interchangeable, so at a later date the wheels could not be swapped.

**EDIT** May 2012. Kooltrade are going to bring the Versa with ‘Forever Air’ type wheels to the UK. We believe the wheels are not exactly the same as GT wheels, but they will be all terrain. However only limited numbers will be brought to the UK so we advise preordering. Ladybugs shop are taking preorders now.


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