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Easywalker Qtro Review by Zoe

The Easywalker Qtro is very light weight and easy to push even with a heavy toddler in. It steers well and gets up and down steps and kerbs with ease – no amount of strength is needed. The Qtro copes well on stone and gravel.

The Easywalker Qtro was very easy to put up and down. When folded it was fairly bulky but does fit into a Golf car boot, although not with much space left.

If you do not own a car and rely on your pram to hold the shopping then there isnt much storage space, so you would have to get shopping clips. But the Qtro can easily handle some bags hanging off the handlebar.

The Easywalker Qtro is stylish and I love the way you can choose how far you would like to lay it down if your child is sleeping. The Qtro reclines flat so theres no chance of a child having a stiff neck when they wake up. It is flat enough to be suitable for babies.

My son enjoyed the ride to and gives it the thumbs up. He likes the bumper bar so he can have his books attached but it is easy to take it off.

The Qtro rain cover was easy to put on.

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