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Kidz Kargo Duellette Photoset

This is a photoset of the Kidz Kargo Duellette. There are many seat configurations. Some are here, and some are on the main statistics page.

The Duellette can be used in single mode either forward facing or outward facing with a choice of upright and two reclines. However there is no lie flat option and the seat unit should only be used from 6 months old.

The Kidz Kargo Duellette really shines in tandem mode. There are four options:

  • Both seats forward facing
  • Both seats parent facing
  • Both seats facing each other
  • Both seats back to back ie one forward facing and one rearward facing

Within these options are the three recline position, plus adjustments can be made to the footrest to give either child greater comfort.

Not all these options are possible with all ages. For example both children facing each other is really a two baby option ie for twins or siblings who are very close together in age. The seat back to back option works best when the smaller child is under approx 15 months old (the smaller the better) because otherwise the upper child is sitting on their head! The best options for two older babies or toddlers are with both children facing outwards or the children facing each other.


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