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Baby Jogger City Mini 4 v’s Baby Jogger City Elite

This photoset shows the Baby Jogger City Mini 4 (although it could equally be the City Mini 3!) next to the Baby Jogger City Elite.

As the photos show there appears to be a big difference in size between these pushchairs when they are open, but if you have a look at the folded photos, you will see that there is very little difference between the two chassis. It is the wheels which really make the difference. This point is clearly made in the picture of the folded, black City Mini 4, because hiding underneath is the City Elite – the two pushchairs are stacked one on top of each other as the last photos prove!!! It is hard to believe that it is the wheels that make the biggest difference to the size.

But there is a large price difference between these two pushchairs. Why?

The City Mini is really an urban type stroller whereas the Elite is more of an off road pushchair. The large ‘forever air’ wheels of the Elite, versus the smaller hard wheels of the City Mini really dictate this. But the Elite does warrant the extra money as it is packed with other features. The Elite boasts luxurious thick padded seats, an even larger hood with several magnetic peekaboo windows / vents. The Elite has a large shopping basket and a six pocket parent console. The Elite also has a chunky footrest with a lift up calf rest to give leg support. There is also a handbrake instead of a footbrake. The Elite also has a more chunky harness buckle and more padded shoulder pads. There is a slightly bigger basket and because the rear bar is lower, the access is a little better. The basket is also accessible through the front via lifting the leg rest up. For me the most important difference is that the Elite has an adjustable handlebar, but the City Mini does not.

The Elite has a marginally larger seat, but not by much at all. Both have large mesh pockets on the back of the seat. Both have a toggle recline to flat with a mesh rear and a roll down cover for weather protection.

The main differences are the that the Baby Jogger City Elite has more features, and bigger wheels than the Baby Jogger City Mini 4!


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